Oktoberfest 2013


Come celebrate Oktoberfest with us!happygermanman2

A fun family picnic for everyone!

Stay for an hour or stay for the day!

  • When-10 AM to 10 PM, Saturday, September 21, 2013
  • Where- 126 Birchwood (The Vanover’s backyard), Ballwin

We’re having a picnic party! Bavarian style! Charlie, Rich and Tom have been brewing this year and want to share the product of their efforts.

Parking- Please stay on the east side of Birchwood to keep all the cars parked on the same side of the road.

Bring You really don’t need anything, but these may make your party-going more enjoyable.

  • Lawn chairs and/or a picnic blanket
  • Your special beer glass/stein
  • Drink- If you have something you want to share, homebrewed or commercial, feel free to bring it. If you only drink strawberry wine coolers, then be sure to cover yourself.
  • Food- If you have special dietary needs or just want to contribute, feel free to bring something. It doesn’t have to be German.

Food- We’ll have grills going all day with sausages and more. We’re gonna make Laugenbrezel (Bavarian pretzels) Saturday  morning!

  • Brats, Weisswurst, hot dogs- Charlie, Rich, Christine & Tom
  • Laugenbrezels (Soft Pretzels)- Tom

Drink- Beer, of course! We’ll have several kegs of homebrewed German beers, including Weissbier and Oktoberfest. We’ll tap the Weiss before noon as this is the traditional breakfast beer in Munich. We’ll have German wines and soft drinks too, of course.

  • Oktoberfest- Our hombrewed, kegged lager; traditionally an amber colored, higher alcohol “Festival” beer
  • Weiss- German wheat beer & our most requested brew; a kegged favorite hombrew recipe using 50% wheat malt
  • Alt- A bottled German, top fermenting beer, historically from the Westphalia region
  • Water and soft drinks


Wow, what a party. I’m guessing we had over 100 guests throughout the day. We drank 3 kegs of beer, half the Amber, half the Alt and then bought more. We ate all 80 pretzels, which could not have been made without Nickie and Dickie. Charlie bought 20 pounds of sausages, we ate all of that and then Kyle brought another 5 pounds and we ate all that. Next year we’ll need more beer, pretzels and sausages.

Everyone had a good time. No major casualties, though Dave went down and we lost Ramone for a bit. No hospitals, cops, or DWI’s that I’m aware of. Success!

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