Bauhaus Bier

I don’t really have a style for this beer. I simply had some German ingredients available and decided to put a quick brew together with what I had. I’ll let style follow function, in an artistic yet utilitarian Bauhaus sorta way. Grain bill is all Oktoberfest but with a Kolsch yeast

It was a Father’s Day brew that went extremely well.  I bought a new Blichman Hellfire Burner that worked wonderfully

It was a zen brew day.  Enjoyable, easy, relaxing, productive

15 gallon batch

Grain Bill-

  • 10# Pilsner
  • 9# Munich, DE
  • 6# Vienna, DE
  • 4# Wheat, DE

Hops- 7 oz Traditions pellet, same old pellets used in the Oktoberfest beer.

Yeast- White Labs Kolsch.

Brew Day-

  • Strike temp = 163F 10g
  • Mash temp= 150F 1 hour
  • Bump w/ 4g @ 180F to raise mash temp to 160F for 15′
  • 1 hour boil w/ 7 oz Traditions
  • 15′ left add Irish moss
  • Starting Gravity = 1.050

Sample tasted spot on.

Crawfish Boil Beer List 2017


Vienna Lager– amber, malty

  • Brewed primarily with Vienna malt, this amber lager resembles an Oktoberfest beer. Our Vienna is crisp with Noble hops and a pronounced malt character. Commercial examples are rare except in Austria and Mexico where this style flourishes.
  • ABV = 5%
  • OG = 1.050
  • FG = 1.012
  • IBU = 24
  • Tom


Tamesis Bitter– golden, balanced

  • We brewed an Extra Special Bitter using a yeast strain sourced from a now defunct brewery along the River Thames. The yeast profile goes a long way in defining the flavor of a clean, bright ale like this one.
  • ABV = 4.9%
  • OG = 1.051
  • FG = 1.014
  • IBU = 45
  • Charles


Citra Pale Ale– yellow, citrus

  • This American Pale Ale is brewed with Citra hops . The neutral yeast takes a back seat to the strong citrus hop profile. This is hoppy by English standards, but it’s still an easy drinking Pale Ale on American palates.
  • ABV =5.5%
  • OG = 1.057
  • FG = 1.015
  • IBU = 35
  • Kevin


The Princess Monster Saison– pale, bubblegum

  • We took last year’s Saison and created a monster. We tweaked the grain bill and used a hybrid Belgian/French yeast which created a slightly more fruity Saison. This well attenuated beer is spicy and dry, and at 6.4% is the highest alcohol beer in the lineup today. Tread carefully and beware the Princess Monster.
  • ABV = 6.4%
  • OG = 1.055
  • FG = 1.006
  • IBU = 36
  • Rob


Kölsch– yellow, balanced

  • If there’s an official beer of the Crawfish Boil, it’s gotta be the Kölsch, an easy drinker with a balanced profile using gentle noble hops, light Pilsner malt, and a clean Kölsch yeast strain. Yes, we’ll have another!
  • ABV =4.7%
  • OG = 1.048
  • FG = 1.012
  • IBU = 30
  • Kyle


Amarillo Wheat– golden, citrus flower

  • This clean American wheat beer is easy to drink and uniquely accented with Amarillo hops. These hops are flowery and citrusy with a light orange bouquet. This beer has become an AGU staple.
  • ABV =5%
  • OG = 1.048
  • FG = 1.010
  • IBU = 27
  • Charles


Zoigl– yellow, fresh

  • Normally Pilsners are cold lagered for weeks before they’re served, but a pocket in eastern Germany close to the Czech border specializes in fresh Pilsners called Zoigls. We’re currently lagering this brew to enjoy a cold Pilsner in the heat of late summer, but we pulled one keg for this party to see what a fresh Pilsner, or Zoigl, tastes like. Try now and then compare with the same beer at our Oktoberfest and see which you like better.
  • ABV =4.5%
  • OG = 1.048
  • FG = 1.014
  • IBU = 28
  • Dickie


Cream Ale– light, balanced

  • Here’s a new style to the AGU lineup, the smooth drinking Cream ale. This is an American style popular in the Midwest in the pre-prohibition era and is meant to be easy and refreshing to drink. It should pair well with the spicy Cajun foods at this party today.
  • ABV = 5%
  • OG = 1.051
  • FG = 1.014
  • IBU = 18
  • Andy


Rye Pale– golden, rye spice

  • Rye makes its third return to the Crawfish Boil! Rye is used sparingly in all beers because it is not an easy grain in the mash tun. Here, an addition of rye went into this American style Pale to give it a bit more spice, a bit more bite.
  • ABV =5.1%
  • OG = 1.056
  • FG = 1.017
  • IBU = 32
  • Kevin


Berliner Weisse– light, tart

  • This straw colored ale should be refreshing and mildly tart. Yeast- Don’t worry about it. We got this. Private fucking collection!
  • ABV = 3.2%
  • OG = 1.034
  • FG = 1.010
  • IBU = 15 or whatever
  • Andy/Kyle


Northern English Brown– dark copper, malty

  • An old school English style, the Northern English Brown is a malt driven beer. Compared with the Tamesis Bitter, which uses the same delicious yeast , this Brown will be sweeter due to fewer IBU’s. A small addition of chocolate malt brings a lightly roasted nut flavor.
  • ABV = 4.5%
  • OG = 1.049
  • FG = 1.013
  • IBU = 28
  • Charles


Peated Stout– black, smoky

  • This original recipe takes our Irish Stout and adds a wee bit of peated malt (ah, the peat), which gives it a unique smoky quality. We find that it pairs well with scotch. This beer took gold for best stout at Microfest 2017.
  • ABV = 5.4%
  • OG = 1.055
  • FG = 1.015
  • IBU = 38
  • Tom


Pepper IPA– yellow, hot

  • This year’s pepper beer is an IPA, and it’s the freshest beer in the lineup, brewed only 3 weeks ago. This hoppy American style is spiced up with a Guajillo and Arbol peppers, but be careful! We’re still working on the formulas to get the right amount of heat.
  • ABV = 6%
  • OG = 1.054
  • FG = 1.008
  • IBU = 54
  • Kyle


IPA– golden haze, bitter

  • This one is all about the hops. We started out with a heavy grain bill but it didn’t stand a chance. Brewed with Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops this should cure your hop fix.
  • ABV = 6.2%
  • OG = 1.057
  • FG = 1.008
  • IBU = 64
  • Rob

Pepper IPA

Grain Bill
35# Pilsner
15# Maris Otter
5# Biscuit
1# Vienna
12.5 oz Munich

Hop Bill – boil
4 oz Nugget – boil 60 min
6 oz Sterling – boil 60 min
1 oz East Kent Golding – boil 60 min
3 oz Nugget – boil 10 min
3 Apollo – boil 5 min
3 Summit – boil 5 min
2 oz Nugget – dry hop
2 oz Columbia – dry hop
2 oz Summit – dry hop
2 oz Apollo – dry hop

Yeast– Wyeast Irish Ale 1084

Expected Brew Plan
Strike 168F with 15 gallons
Mash in 150F 1 hour
Lauter w/ 35 gallons 165F
Collect 30g in boil kettle
Boil and add hops at specified boil time
Cooled to 65F
Aiming for OG of 1.060 w/ ABV of 6%

Actual Brew– May 6 , 2017
Strike temp was 165F
10:45 Mashed in at 145F (lower than the desired 150F)
10:47 Drank beer
11:55 Begin vorlauf
12:15 Run off
12:40 Sparged with 30g at 165F
1:30 Collected 30 g
1:45 Begin boil, added Hops (Nugget, Sterling, East Kent Golding)
2:45 Checked gravity.  It was lower than desired at 1.048.  Aiming
for 1.060 so let it boil down.
3:15 Added Hops (Nugget)
3:17 Drank more beer
3:25 Added Hops (Apollo, Summit)
3:30 Flame out and began cooling
Collect 23 gallons in fermenter
OG = 1.054

Calculated Stats–
Starting Gravity = 1.054

Brewers– Kyle L, Frederick G, Tom V, Charles U,

Left the beer in primary (a 40 gallon drum) for 6 days. For secondary,
the beer was moved into to 5 carboys and dry hopped each with
different hops as an experiment to taste the differences between the
Carboy 1 w/ 5 gallons – 2 oz Nugget
Carboy 2 w/ 5 gallons – 5 gallons – 2 oz Summit
Carboy 3 w/ 5 gallons – 2 oz Columbia (in bag)
Carboy 4 w/ 5 gallons – 2 oz Apollo (in bag)
Carboy 5 w/ 2.5 gallons – 1 oz Nugget (in bag)

Carboy 1 was put in a fridge to crash it in hopes that it would clear
up a bit before moving to a keg in a week.

Pepper plan-
For the first keg a bag of the following will be added for 5 days:
5 oz dried Guajillo peppers
1/4 oz Arbol peppers

This will be tried out.  Depending on reaction from the drinkers,
I’ll add or remove peppers for the remaining 5 gallon batches.


Dickie’s Pilsner 2017

Dickie’s brew at the farm.

Grain bill- 50# Pilsen malt (MaltEurope)

Hop bill-

  • 10 oz 3.7% Tettnang 60′
  • 4 oz 4.3% HAllertau 15′
  • 4 oz 4.3% Hallertau 5′

Yeast- SafLager W-34/70

Water-  St. Louis County H2O

  • Mashin 20g
  • Bump 10g
  • Sparge 25g

Calculated stats-

  • OG 1.048
  • FG 1.010
  • IBU 34
  • ABV 5%

Brew day-

  • April 22, 2017
  • Dickie, Charles, Tom
  • Strike 20g @ 160F
  • Mashin @ 140F 15′
  • Bump 148F 120′

Brew day went smoothly. Finished between 25-30g of wort. Sample tasted good.


  • Primary kicked off w/in 24 hours
  • Stayed in Primary for three weeks until racked directly to kegs for lagering
  • Temps during fermentation stayed in the low 60’s F.
  • Final Gravity 1.014
  • Pulled one keg for Crawfish Boil to serve as a Zoigl, or a fresh Pilsner

Northern English Brown

Andy asked if I wanted to do a double brew day at his house. Naturally I said yes. Andy would be brewing a Cream Ale and I chose to brew a Northern English Brown. Both of these are a departure from what the two of us have brewed in the past and in my case, this is one I have wanted to brew for a few years. It is a fairly straight forward recipe and I would be using the Thames Valley Ale II yeast that I washed from the Tamesis which turned out to be an amazing beer. I have never washed yeast before so fingers are crossed.

March 19, 2017

Northern English Brown – 13 gallon

Brewers – Charles, Andy, Rob

Grain Bill

  • 17 lbs. Maris Otter
  • 1 lb. 8 oz. Chocolate
  • 1 lb. Crisp Crystal Light
  • 1 lb. Crystal 40

Hop Bill

  • 2 oz. Challenger pellet 6.8% – 60 mins.
  • 2 oz. Fuggles pellet 4.9% – 30 mins.


  • wYeast Thames Valley Ale II

Calculated Stats

  • OG: 1.046
  • FG: 1.01
  • IBU: 27.6
  • SRM: 21.5
  • ABV: 4.8%

Single Infusion, Medium Body

Mash In: 7 gallons @ 170˚

Step Temp: 152˚ hold for 60 mins. Dead on.

Mash Out: 3 gallons @ 180˚

Step Temp: 168˚ hold for 10 mins. This one got away from me. Did not hit mash out temp.

Vorlauf and begin run-off. Beautiful dark brown. Maybe back off on the Chocolate a little.

Gravity is looking high so collected 18 gallons.

Boil: 60 mins. Add hops per Hop Bill above.

Because of timing with Andy’s beer with the chiller, I extended the boil to about 75 minutes.

Chilled, whirlpool, settle, transfer.

OG: 1.049

Oxygenate and pitch yeast after driving home from Andy’s.

13 gallons in fermenter. Yeast starter brings it to almost 14 gallons.

That night and Monday morning, no activity at all in airlock. Lid does not look seated properly. Re-seat the lid before going to work.

Monday night a steady bubble. I feel better now.

Really looking forward to this beer. Really curious about how this washed yeast does.

March 26, 2017

Racked to secondary. Attempted to wash yeast again. This time, the yeast did not separate from the traub very well. 2 days later I flushed it. Still have 1 mason jar of Thames Valley Ale II yeast from the Tamesis.

April 4, 2017

Racked about 9 gallons to 2, 5 gallon kegs.

FG = .013 (predicted .010). However, I broke my hydrometer so this is using a new one. Could be off a bit. Gonna just call this 4.5% abv.

Samples tastes right but a bit on the thin side. Still, gonna be an easy drinker with good flavors. Should be a hit with the Crawfish Boil crowd.

Will bottle remaining 4.5 gallons Thursday night.










“Heroes” AIPA

My tribute to some of my heroes from both the music and the brewing world.  David Bowie who passed away last year and Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA. Brewed 10 gallons last year and wanted to up that to 20. Also used all pellet hops and a different type of yeast. Was really impressed with the Omega yeast I used for the Saison so I decided to use another Omega yeast. Specifically the Hothead Ale yeast which is a Norwegian yeast with a wide temperature range of 62 to 98 degrees. Had a good turnout and great weather to brew in. Everything went well with the brew day.

Heroes” American IPA 20 gallons 3/4/17

Brewers: Rob, Andy, Charles, Kevin and Tom.

Grain Bill

  • 27.5 lbs Simpson’s Golden Promise Pale Ale
  • 18.3 lbs Rahr Malting Standard 2-Row
  • 3.7 lbs white Wheat
  • 1.8 lbs Caramel/Crystal 60L (US)
  • 1.8 lbs Flaked Oats
  • 1.8 lbs Flaked Rice

Hops schedule 

  • 3.7 oz  Simcoe 60 min
  • 3.7 oz. Citra 15 min
  • 7.3 oz   Mosaic 5 min
  • 3.7 oz.  Citra 5 min
  • 3.7 oz.   Amarillo Flameout
  • 3.7 oz.   Mosaic Flameout
  • 3.7 oz.    Simcoe Dry hop 5-7 days in secondary
  • 3.7 oz.     Citra Dry hop 5-7 days in secondary


  • 6 Whirlfloc tablets 15 min
  • 6 tsp Fermat yeast nutrient 10 min
  • 4oz Grapefruit peel
  • 4oz  Tangerine peel


Stats Batch and Boil

  • 60 minute boil
  • 28 gallons collected

Mash Schedule

  • Strike grains with 18g @170
  • Mash in at 154 hold 60min
  • Mash out with 3gal@212
  • Sparge with 16g @170

Calculated/Actual stats

  • OG- 1.057/ 1.0.56
  • FG-1.011/
  • ABV-6.0%
  • IBU-64
  • SRM-6

Brew day notes 

Originally was looking to collect 24+ gallons and boil for 60 minutes ending with approximately 22 gallons to ferment.  Ended up collecting about 28 gallons and boiling about 15 minutes before adding hops and starting a 60 minute boil. Once boil was over we had approximately 24 gallons and started cold break. The stats changed as a result of larger volume. The original numbers were to be OG 1.069, FG 1.017,  IBU’s 64 ABV 6.8%. When I updated the stats in Brewtoad I came up OG 1.057, FG 1.011,  IBU’s 64 ABV6.0%. I can live with these numbers. BBE!

In hindsight I probably should have gone to a 90 minute boil and started the hop schedule 30 minutes in. Also the mash temp seemed to drop t 150 at mash out so it seems our efficiency dropped to approximately 70%. Well brew and learn. I will post more as I transfer to secondary and beyond. Cheers!


Pitched with a 5000ml starter of Omega Hot Head Ale Yeast which I started the Monday (2/27/17) before the brew day. Late Saturday night it started bubbling. Sunday morning it was a steady bubble until Monday night. Tuesday it slowed down considerably but was still going. Thursday night I checked gravity it had come down to 1.012 from 1.056 so I racked it into secondary and dry hopped it with Simcoe & Citra. I’m hoping it makes it down to at 1.010 which would give it a 6% ABV. The sample IMO tasted great was very aromatic with a nice bitter finish lots of pine and citrus. Will update this post again when done dry hopping. Cheers!

Kolsch 2017

Kolsch 2017

  • Brewers- Kyle L, Tom V, Charles U, Rob S, Kevin P, Alan B
  • Brew day February 25. 2017
  • 25 gallons


  • 42# Pilsner
  • 2# Munich
  • 1# Vienna
  • 1# Maris Otter


  • 8 oz German Spalt 60′
  • 1 oz Spalt & 1 oz Hallertau 30′

Yeast- Wyeast 2565 Kolsch

Brew Schedule-

  • Strike 14g @ 165F
  • Mash in @ 145F 90′
  • Mash out @ 169F with 7g boiling water
  • 15′ recirc
  • Sparge with 20g @ 180F
  • Collect 30g wort
  • Begin boil add 8 oz Spalt
  • 30′ add 1 oz Spalt & 1 oz Hallertau
  • 15′ add cooling coil and Irish moss
  • Collect 25g in fermenter @ 69F
  • OG = 1.048
  • Pitch yeast- 5 liter starter