Weizenbier 2022

Last beer to brew for Oktoberfest. Using Bavarian Wheat yeast and changing up the hops. Sometimes a beer comes down to the ingredients you can get. Should be fine, as long as brew day goes smoothly. HA HA HA. Read on.

Saturday August 27, 2022

Weizenbier 10 gallon

Charles, Alan, Rob, Andy

Calculated Stats-

  • Original Gravity – 1.050 (1.044 – 1.052)
  • IBU – 13.7 (8 – 150)
  • SRM – 3.8 (2 – 6)
  • Final Gravity – 1.012 (1.01 – 1.014)
  • ABV – 5 (4.3 – 5.6)

Grain Bill (half batch)

  • 5 lbs Pilsner
  • 4.75 lbs Pale Wheat
  • .25 lb Flaked Wheat
  • .25 lb Carapils
  • .2 lb Crystal 40
  • .5 lb Rice Hulls*

Hop Bill (full batch)

  • 1 oz. Tradition 5.1% – 60 mins.
  • 1 oz. Hersbrucker 2% – 60 mins.
  • 1 oz. Hersbrucker 2% – 30 mins.
  • 1 oz. Saaz 3.5% – 5 mins.

First time using Hersbrucker hops.

Hersbrucker is an old-world German land variety that originally horned in on the popularity of Hallertau Mittelfrüh. It is named after the growing region it was cultivated in and has a distinguished noble aroma. Hersbrucker historically has a low Alpha Acid, ranging from 1.5-4%, which makes it perfect for traditional lagers and pilsners.


Wyeast 3068 Bavarian Wheat

Profile: A complex alternative to the standard German wheat strain profile. This strain produces apple, pear, and plum esters in addition to the dominant banana character. The esters are complemented nicely by clove and subtle vanilla phenolics. The balance can be manipulated towards ester production through increasing fermentation temperature, increasing the wort density, and decreasing the pitch rate. Over pitching can result in a near complete loss of banana character. Decreasing the ester level will allow a higher clove character to be perceived. Sulfur is commonly produced, but will dissipate with conditioning. This strain is very powdery and will remain in suspension for an extended amount of time following attenuation. This is true top cropping yeast and requires fermentor headspace of 33%.

Had to toss out the mash plan due to a stuck mash. This was the first wheat beer in the Foundry and the false bottom got locked up tighter than a nun’s knickers. All attempts to free it up failed. Alan offered to pick up more rice hulls on his way over while Rob helped with plan B. Actually plan C. Or D. I lost track. We eventually got the old igloo water cooler mash tun out and dumped the mash into it, mixed in another half pound of rice hulls and ran the liquid off. Salvaged 5 gallons of wort.

Mixed in the remaining half pond rice hulls into the grains for batch 2, mashed into the cooler tun and everything went smoothly from then on.

Now there are all kinds of mash steps and attempts to fix stuck mash that I am skipping over because the first half of this brew day was such a FLUSTER CLUCK. However, when all was said and done, it looks like this will shape up to be a very good beer.

Collected about 13 gallons.

Pre boil gravity = 1.042 (should be 1.046)

Hop schedule per above. Used hop screens this time.

Chilled to 83˚.

Transferred to fermenter in kitchen. Dead on 10 gallons. 10.75 with yeast starter.

OG = 1.048 (should be 1.050)

Fermentation was fast and furious. Mostly done by Wednesday morning.

Friday Sept. 2

Racked to secondary. Not sure I am happy with this yeast. Odd smell and flavor but as with most beers I will reserve judgement until it is flowing out the tap. Not sure the Weizen purists will be pleased. Whatever. Free beer so STFU.

Gravity = 1.007

Friday Sept. 9

This beer is done. Gravity has not budged.

Racked to 2 kegs.

FG = 1.007 = 5.38 abv

Flavor has improved greatly. With all the brew day problems it looks as if this will be a stellar Weizenbier. We will see in two short weeks. PROST!

Redcoat ESB 2022 5 gallon

Will brew a 5 gallon Redcoat ESB using harvested yeast from the last batch of Scrummy. Will try to work out more kinks in the Foundry/FastFerment system and procedures.

Saturday August 6, 2022

Redcoat ESB (Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale) – 6 gallon

Grain Bill

  • 8.5 lbs. Maris Otter
  • 10 oz. Medium Crystal*
  • 8 oz. Special Roast
  • 8 oz. Aromatic
  • 6 oz. CaraPils Copper*

*Trying a few new malts found at MoMalt.

Hop Bill

  • .75 oz. Challenger 6.1% – 60 mins.
  • 1 oz East Kent Goldings 5.9% – 60 mins.
  • .5 oz East Kent Goldings 5.9% – 15 mins.


Wyeast 1318 London Ale III (harvested from Scrummy – secondary in FastFerment)

Originating from a traditional London brewery, this yeast has a wonderful malt and hop profile. It is a true top cropping strain with a fruity, very light and softly balanced palate. This strain will finish slightly sweet.

Calculated Stats

  • OG – 1.046 (1.04 – 1.048)
  • FG – 1.012 (1.008 – 1.012)
  • IBU – 39 (25 – 40)
  • SRM – 11 (8 – 16)
  • ABV – 4.5% (3.8 – 4.6)

Mash Schedule

Strike 6 gallon @ 156˚ – Hold 152˚ 60 minutes

Raise to 168˚ mash out – Hold 10 minutes

Sparge 2 gallons (frantically heated in 2 pots on stove)

Collected 7 gallons – pre boil gravity = 1.040 (should be 1.042)

Let boil a little before starting hop schedule.

Used strainer to pull out as much floating bits as possible. This is one big downside to the Foundry and its false bottom. A LOT of bits get through. Would surrounding the mash basket with a bag (from brew in bag) held solve this? PITA!

Hop schedule per above. First was in hop sack. Second no sack.

Total boil about 70 minutes.


Chilled to 81˚.

Transferred to FastFerment. 5.6 gallons. 6 gallons with yeast starter before opening collection ball.

OG = 1.044 (should be 1.046)

Saturday August 20

Racked to keg.

FG = 1.008. (Should be 1.012) = 4.7% ABV (should be 4.5)

This beer took longer than expected to clear up. Maybe using the un-washed yeast from the Golden Ale just had too much crap in it? Still looks a bit cloudy but that should drop out while cold crashing the keg. Flavor is ok. After drinking some of the Golden Ale and now sampling this, I am not a big fan of this yeast. A little bubblegummie.

Lynelbrau 22

25g of Vienna style beer fermented with Kolsch yeast, my autumn drinker.


  • 27.5# Pilsner malt DE (1/2 sack)
  • 27.5# Vienna malt DE (1/2 sack)
  • 5# Wheat malt DE

Hop– 12oz 2.8% Hallertau 60’

Yeast- White Labs Kolsch yeast WLP029

Water- 40g STL County tap with a splash of phosphoric acid. 20g mash, 20g sparge

Brew day went well, good weather, hit the numbers mostly. Lost a gallon + when a hose slipped going into fermenter.

Mash schedule

  • 3g (too much) 135F strike
  • Mash in wheat 126F 30’
  • Strike 20g 158F
  • Mash in barley malt 148F
  • Raise wheat mash to 150F and combine
  • Decoct 5g raise to 158F (came in too hot!) 15’
  • Raise to boil 10’
  • Recombine at 158F (nailed it!) 60’
  • Decoct 5g to boil 10’
  • Recombine was 160F or so 10’
  • 15’ vorlauf and ran off 30+g
  • Boil and add hop 60’
  • Cold break through thermonator; pitched yeast ; heavy bubble by next morning

OG = 1.064

Gravity going into secondary = 1.020, ABV = 5.8%

Gravity going into packaging = 1.011, ABV = 7%. Sample is sweet, like a Bock. Odd the gravity is as low as it is with the residual sugars I’m tasting. Perhaps it will dry out by Oktoberfest, but past experience tells me this will still be sweet in 6 weeks.