Patersbier 22- Bayard

25g scheduled for May 7, 2022, for a good brew day get together, like before the pandemic. Using up grains and hops in stores, sort of a chef’s special. The plan is to pull off 5g of fresh beer for the crawfish boil.


  • 25# Belgian Pilsner
  • 17# German Pilsner
  • 6# German Wheat

Yeast- Wyeast 3522 (Belgian Ardennes). Dave didn’t have my planned Wyeast 3787 (Trappist High Gravity). [The Ardennes yeast led me down a rabbit hole to Bayard, a magical bay horse from medieval literature.]


  • 8 oz 3.6% Hallertau 60’
  • 2 oz 8.2% Amarillo flameout

Good brew day. Starting gravity = 1.044.

VOODOO JUICE – Cranberry Raspberry Hard Seltzer

Last thing to make for the Bug Boil. The hard seltzer I made for the wedding was a big hit so how about one for the boil? OK.

This one will be Cranberry Raspberry.

May 6, 2022

5 gallons Hard Seltzer

5.2 lb Corn Sugar

5.25 gallons Purified Drinking Water

1 pack Omega Lutra Kveik Yeast

1 pack 28g Propper Seltzer Yeast Nutrient

2 bottles 14.8 oz ea. Sodastream Cranberry Raspberry flavor mix

Bring 2 gallons water to boil. Turn off heat. Slowly pour in corn sugar, stirring constantly until completely dissolved.

Add yeast nutrient and stir.

Chill to temperature range for yeast.

Transfer to clean and sanitized carboy.

Add remaining water.

Check gravity – OG = 1.041

Oxygenate and pitch yeast.

Cap with airlock.

Saturday April 14

Fermentation has been chugging along steady for 8 days. Room in basement is cooler than this yeast likes. Bottom end of temperature range.

 Add yeast nutrient (1 tsp Dimmonium Phosphate).

Coffee Oatmeal Stout

Brewing another 5ish gallon beer to work on brewing and calculations on the Foundry. Have not brewed Oatmeal Stout for a while so thinking it might be nice to have a stout option at the Bug Boil. Will add coffee to secondary. Have been wanting to try that.

Saturday April 23, 2022

6 gallons Oatmeal Stout

Grain Bill

• 8 lbs Maris Otter

• 2 lbs. Dark Munich

• 1 lb. Victory

• 9.9 oz. Carabohemian

• 10 oz. Chocolate

• 7 oz. Pale Chocolate

• 1.5 lbs. Flaked Oats

Hop Bill

• .5 oz Challenger 6.1% – 60 minutes

• 2 oz. East Kent Golding 4.4 – 60 minutes

• 1 oz. East Kent Golding 4.4% – 30 minutes


Omega Yeast Labs

OYL-005 Irish Ale

Ireland’s storied stout is thought to be balanced by this dry, crisp, lightly fruity, versatile and powerful strain. A good fermenter with reliable, average flocculation (some diacetyl possible), and a hint of fruit at the lowest recommended temperatures, which increases in complexity at higher temperatures (64°F+). Successful in dark and high gravity beers. Sláinte!

Calculated Stats

• OG – 1.059

• FG – 1.016

• ABV – 5.6%

• SRM – 28

• IBU – 35

Strike 6.5 gallons @ 162˚. With Flaked Oats way too thick. Added .5 gallon for total strike 7 gallons. Hold @ 155˚ for 60 minutes.

Sparge with 2ish gallons. Collecetd 7.75 gallons (after drips from mash basket added to kettle). Pre boil gravity = 1.050. Predicted 1.054.

Plenty of volume so boiled about 90 minutes. Hops in mesh bags per above hop bill.

Re-circ/whirlpool was troublesome. I think one of the hop sacks was pulled into the opening for the dip tube. Go back to the screen?

Chill went fast. got down to 70˚

Transfered to FastFermnet. Had to dump about .25 gallon to make room for starter.

After starter, 7 gallons in fermenter.

OG = 1.057 – missed it by (_) much.

Color is purposely lighter than my past stouts. Wanted a deep rich brown color. Looks like what I wanted. I like the flavors the Carabohemian produce din the Dark Czech Lager so using up what I have left in this instead if a Caramel/Crystal of some sort.