The Jägerbier has evolved into the Lynelbrau. This is the Oktoberfest recipe with the only change being a Kölsch yeast.

I brewed this 25g on my own on an off-work Friday. Everything went well.

Grain Bill- 56# total

  • 26# Pilsner
  • 19# Vienna
  • 6# Munich
  • 5# Wheat


  • 9 oz 2.8% Hallertau 60′, was a little light on hops so Emma picked up…
  • 3 oz 4.2% Hallertau 60′

Yeast- Omega OYL-044 Kölsch II. I think this was the first time using an Omega brand yeast. I noted when I did the Bauhaus Bier, I used White Labs Kölsch Yeast, and the Jäger Bier used the Wyeast. Not sure what the flavor profile will do, but this yeast kicked off really well. I had a bubble in the airlock in hours, and it seemed very strong while building up the slurry.

Water- STL County, 2 crushed Camden tablets, splash phosphoric acid

  • 20g Mash
  • 25g Sparge


  • Strike 20g @ 158F
  • Mash in 148F 30′
  • Decoction 1- 5g raise to 158F for 20′, I sorta missed the beta rest and somehow came up hot at 168F.
  • Bring Decoction 1 to boil for 10′
  • Recombine @ 157F for 45′
  • Decoction 2- 5g raise to boil for 10′
  • Recombine @ 168F mashout, also added 5g of hot liquor.
  • Sparge 20g
  • Collect 30g & boil for 60′, add Hallertau at boil

Brew day went well considering I was on my own. I hit my times and temps with the exception of the first decoction beta rest, but the gravity number at the end, 1.060 on my low reading hyrdometer, as well as the fierce start of the yeast, tells me all is well in the fermenter.


Racked the beer 6 days after brewing. Bubble had stopped in the airlock and we leave for Colorado Saturday. Gravity checks 1.018. Sample is both alcoholic and sweet, Carmel.

Dickie’s Pilsner 2021

Same plan as always. Dickie, Charles and I (Huck) brewed the Pilsner on a pretty day in May.

Grain Bill- 55# sack of US Pilsner malt from Proximity

Hop Bill- 1# of Saaz

Yeast- SafLager W34/70

Water- 40g of STL tap treated with phosphoric acid and 2 Campden tablets

Mash schedule-

  • Strike 20g @ 160F
  • Mash in @ 152F (shooting for 148F) for 120′
  • Sparge 20g
  • Boil 90′
  • Hop 60′
  • Gravity checked 1.055 and volume was 25g (shooting for 30g)
  • Packaged 4 kegs and a case of Euro bottles. Gravity read 1.002. Clearly my hydrometer is off but the ABV is 7%.
  • Situationist Prank NEIPA

    Time to learn.

    Never brewed an IPA, an American one anyway. I’ve done a lot of studying. Hard to sift through all the internet nonsense to know what’s necessary.


    Grain Bill- 48# total

    • 22# 2-Row, Proximity base malt, US
    • 15# Maris Otter, UK
    • 6# Wheat, DE
    • 5$# Flaked oats, US

    Hop Bill-

    • 6 oz Amarillo 8.2% 60′
    • 6 oz Amarillo 8.2% flame out
    • 4 oz Citra 12.8%, 4 oz Mosaic 12.0, 4 oz El Dorado 11.2% whirlpool in 4 additions:
    • 150F
    • 130F
    • 100F
    • 80F
    • 3 oz Citra 12.8%, 2 oz Mosaic 12.0, 1 oz Amarillo 8.2% dry hop at primary fermentation for 2 days
    • 3 oz Citra 12.8%, 2 oz Mosaic 12.0, 1 oz Amarillo 8.2% dry hop #2 goes in at day 2 for 2 days
    • 3 oz Citra 12.8%, 2 oz Mosaic 12.0, 1 oz El Dorado 11.2% cold hop in keg 2 days
    • 3 oz Citra 12.8%, 2 oz Mosaic 12.0, 1 oz El Dorado 11.2% cold hop in keg 2 days after first cold hop comes out.

    Yeast- Wyeast 1318 London Ale III

    Water- 30g STL County tap treated 4 oz calcium chloride and 12 tablespoons of calcium sulfate (gypsum) and 2 Campden tablets

    Calculated Stats-

    • OG = 1.064
    • IBU = 54
    • ABV 6.11%
    • SRM 4.3

    Brew Day- April 30, 2021

    Charles came over to help. We had a great day weather wise, and the brew went well. The only number we didn’t hit was the gravity. Came in way low at 1.050. We questioned the crush of the grain; was in not ground enough? Or was the Maris Otter old and weak? Did we do something wrong while brewing? Regardless the sample was good with the hops shining through. Disappointed with gravity, but otherwise all signs point to a good beer.

    • Strike 15g @ 160F
    • Mash in @ 148F for 50′
    • Bump w/ 5g to raise mash temp to 154F for 15′
    • Vorlauf 15′
    • Runoff 45′, collected 25g
    • Boil and add 6 oz Amarillo
    • 6 more oz of Amarillo @ flameout
    • Citra, Mosaic and El Dorado additions during whirlpool as noted above.
    • Collected 21g in fermenter and pitched yeast.


    Bubble in airlock started by next morning and added the first addition of hops in a nylon hop sack: 3 oz Citra, 2 oz Mosaic, 1 oz Amarillo. The Amarillo was supposed to be El Dorado at this point, but couldn’t source enough hops. I had the extra Amarillo, so I used it.