Patersbier 22- Bayard

25g scheduled for May 7, 2022, for a good brew day get together, like before the pandemic. Using up grains and hops in stores, sort of a chef’s special. The plan is to pull off 5g of fresh beer for the crawfish boil.


  • 25# Belgian Pilsner
  • 17# German Pilsner
  • 6# German Wheat

Yeast- Wyeast 3522 (Belgian Ardennes). Dave didn’t have my planned Wyeast 3787 (Trappist High Gravity). [The Ardennes yeast led me down a rabbit hole to Bayard, a magical bay horse from medieval literature.]


  • 8 oz 3.6% Hallertau 60’
  • 2 oz 8.2% Amarillo flameout

Good brew day. Starting gravity = 1.044.

Mexican Lager 20g

Grain bill

  • 16 lb Vienna DE
  • 16 lb Pilsner DE
  • 4 lb wheat DE

Hop bill

  • 8 oz 3.6% Hallertau Mittlefrue

Brew schedule

Mashed in 4 lb wheat with 1.25g liquor at 127F for protein rest. Raised to 150F and combined with main mash at 146F. Decoct 5g to 157F for 20 minutes then boil for 10. Recombine at 158F for 60 minutes. Gravity on the tame side at 1.040.


Pulled a quart of cleanish yeasty goodness from the Oktoberfest and pitched. ABV 4+%.

Oktoberfest Brew 2022

25g once again. Same recipe we’ve used for years. Brew day February 18, 2022.

Grain Bill- same as always

  • 26# Pilsner malt
  • 19# Vienna malt
  • 6# Munich malt
  • 5# Wheat malt

Hops- 10 oz Hallertau 60’

Water- STL county with no adjustment of campden or acid. Just aired it for a week. Roughly 20g strike and 20 sparge.

Wyeast Oktoberfest

ABV 6.3%