Story of the yeast- Charlie U

I (Tom V) am posting the following blog entry for Charlie U. 

Story of the yeast, a lesson learned, and support your local home brew store–

by Charlie U

I bought 2 packs of Wyeast via Northern Brewer. I wanted to be sure I had the yeast I wanted and a back up pack. Last night before the Brewminati meeting, I broke the inner nutrient pack, boiled the malt extract, got everything clean and left thinking the yeast would go to work and I could pitch it when I got home.
3 hours later, the pack had hardly risen but the directions say it does not have to be full expanded to work.
I pitched it and went to bed.
This morning, no bubbles moving through the airlock at all.
I took the back up pack to work and activated it at 12:30. By time I went home it swelled about the same as the first one.
yeast1Fearing that both packs got too hot during shipping, I called St. Louis Wine and Beer. Told her the entire thing and had them take a Wyeast pack out of the fridge and smack it. I drove straight there and the pack was at least twice as big as the two from Northern Brewer. By time I got home it was fully expanded.
I boiled up some more malt, cleaned everything, let the wort cool, pitched the new yeast and capped it.
It is now about 40 minutes later and we have bubbles.
“So what have we learned Dorothy?”
But most of all.
— Charlie U
Irish Mike doesn’t have access to a good supplier and is constantly fighting brewing problems, especially yeast issues like Charlie’s. And Charlie, it’s time to learn how to post your own entry.– TomV
ps- Upon reading this entry, Irish Mike noted his different situation. Mike doesn’t have a good, local homebrewing supplier. He is reliant on the ‘net, hitting brew stores as he finds them throughout the state of NY, and making due with what he has access to. We are very lucky in STL to have St Louis Wine & Beer Making. They don’t always have everything, but they have a large and varied inventory of both ingredients and equipment. Perhaps more importantly, they aren’t just running a cash register; they are knowledgable, experienced, and interested in brewing. 

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