Weissbier- part 2

Weissbier #2- Red

Emma mashing in

Emma mashing in

This is the same Weissbier with a few brewing firsts. This will be the first time I’ve brewed on back-to-back days. I brewed yesterday with a few of the usual suspects (Charlie, Rich), and today I’m doing it with just the help of Emma and Christine. This will also be the first time re-pitching yeast. My plan is to rack all the beer from yesterday into a secondary fermenter leaving the yeast cake and perhaps a couple quarts of beer behind to start this one. It will over-pitch this beer and will likely make the most significant difference in the final product. The only other change is that this wheat malt is red, rather than the white we used yesterday. I’ve used both in the past and couldn’t tell much difference in terms of flavor.

Grain Bill-

  • 5 pounds Pilsner malt
  • 5 pounds wheat malt, red
  • 8 oz crystal malt 10 L
  • 8 oz dextrin malt (CaraPils)

Hops- 1.5 oz Hallertau 4.1%, 60 minutes


  • Wyeast 3056 Bavarian Wheat Blend
  • Yeast started 4 days ago, then pitched into 5 gallons of beer from yesterday, fermented 24 hours, and a good half gallon of that beer and yeast went into this beer


  • Christine
  • Emma
  • Tom

Brewing Schedule-

  • 10 AM- Make coffee, crush grains, and begin heating water
  • 10:45 AM- Mash in 122F; 30 minute protein rest
    • mistake 1 from being alone- mashed in at 122 F and gave the tun a little heat. Started typing this entry and lost track of burner; mash go too hot, 134F; added 1 quart of cool water to reduce heat to 129 F
  • 11:30 AM- Decoction 1- remove 40% of thickest part of mash to second kettle
    • Raise second kettle to 158 F, hold 20 minutes for saccharification
    • Keep rest mash at 122-127F
    • Bring second kettle to boil; boil 30 minutes
  • 12:30 PM- Recombine with rest mash; raise temp to 145-153F; hold for 30 minutes
  • 1 PM-Decoction 2- Remove ¼ mash and slowly raise to boil for 15 minutes
  • 1:30 PM- Recombine with rest mash; raise temp to 158-162F; hold 1 hour
  • 2:30 PM- Mash out; raise to 170F and hold 10 minutes
  • 3 pm- Lauter
    • 10 minute settle. note- I think we didn’t settle yesterday & today the beer cleared up much quicker, way fewer chunks and immediately clear.
    • 10 minute recirculation
    • 10 minute run-off and then started sparge water, 5 gallons
    • 55 minute lauter total
  • 4 pm- Put kettle on to boil, 8 gallons of wort
    • 4:30- hard boil
    • 5:30- add hops, 1.5 ounces, 4.1% Hallertau for 60 minutes
  •  6:30 pm- Cold break
  •  7:30 pm- Pitch Yeast or rather drained wort into primary with 1/2 gallon of yesterday’s beer and yeast.
  • Starting Gravity – 1.054, just like yesterday and a very good number
  • Again collected nearly 7 gallons of wort, too much really but gravity is ideal.
  • Sample was good. Good flavor and color; the color on this is slightly darker, presumably from the red wheat malt.
Brewing went well. A front moved in at mid-day and I ran out of propane about the same time. No problem though. I moved the brew inside during the second decoction and went for more propane during the last sugar rest. I lautered in the basement and was back outside for the boil.
In some ways it was easier today without the distractions of buddies (and beer drinking), but of course that left me with all the labor. A trade off that neither harmed nor helped the process; just different.
The red wheat gives the batch a darker tint. Comparing them side by side, they both look pretty and compliment each other well. It will be interesting to see them in a glass next to each other when all is done.
There is already a strong bubble in the fermentor tonight, so I feel good that this beer will make. I moved the sister beer from yesterday into a 5 gallon carboy, but got it too full and it foamed over as it continued to ferment. I expect that in the morning this beer will have foamed over as well since there’s not a lot of head room in the big primary. I’ve pulled both airlocks since they are steadily streaming CO2 and will replace them when they slow.
Monday, June 10- Both beers have settled down after spilling over yeasty goodness during the night. I cleaned them both up this morning and replaced the airlocks, which immediately started chugging. Looks like both beers will make.
Monday, June 17- I’ve decided to mix the two beers for consistency. Final Gravity – 1.013. The beer finished well. The sample is tasty, perhaps a little thin on mouthfeel. The jug is cloudy. Even though this is a weizen, I would like to see the final product much cleaner. Right now it’s very muddy. And to be honest, at this point the yeast profile on this beer tastes identical to the previous yeasts I’ve used.

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