Nancy Pants Munich Dunkel

Due to a death in the family, my sister Nancy is in town for the week from Seattle, the best beer town in the US. While she is not the biggest beer fan, she is curios about the brewing process so I suggested we brew a batch. With no Oktoberfest this year (in its usual blow out form), I decided to only brew a 5 gallon batch of Munich Dunkel. Also, it is freaking hot and I don’t want to force her into a long brew day.

Tuesday July 28, 2020

Munich Dunkel 5 gallonCalculated Stats – 

  • OG – 1.050

  • FG – 1.013

  • IBU – 23.17

  • SRM – 24.6

  • ABV – 4.8%

Grain Bill-

  • 8 lbs. Dark Munich type II

  • 1.5 lbs. Maris Otter

  • 1 lb. White Wheat

  • .5 lb. Carafa III

Hop Bill-

  • 1 oz. Hallertau 4.2% – 60 minutes

  • 1 oz. Hallertau 4.2% – 30 minutes

  • .5 oz. Strissalspalt  1.3% – 5 minutes


Omega – OLY-114 Bayern Lager (first time using Omega Yeast)

Thought to come from Munich’s oldest, traditional and vintage-vibed brewery. The Bayern Lager strain is clean, crisp and ferments well at a wide range. It has good flocculation, and has both low sulfur and low diacetyl production.


Prepped 10 gallons treated with Camden.

Mash Schedule-

  • Strike 3.7 gallons @ 155˚ – hold @ 144˚ for 35 minutes

  • Heat mash to 160˚ hold for 35 minutes

  • Heat to 170˚ Mash Out – hold for 10 Minutes (pour into mash tun for the 10 minutes)

Transfer to old water cooler mash tun. Have not used this in years. Worked like a champ.

Vorlauf (would have used the plump but Nancy wanted to see the manual method).

Sparge with 5.5 gallons – Collect 7.6 gallons

Boil and hops per above hop schedule.

Chill and transfer to sanitized glass carboy.

OG = 1.052

Moved fermenter to refrigerator. Will pitch yeast when wort cools to appropriate temperature.

Pitched yeast Wednesday morning. Slow start on fermentation. Wort and yeast might have been too cold. Increased temperature a tad and fermentation kicked off slowly Thursday.

Tuesday August 4 am. 

Moved to beer lab for diacetyl rest.

Wednesday August 5 pm.

Racked to secondary and placed back in refrigerator. No airlock activity.

Will start collecting and cleaning bottles. Planning on bottling all of this batched. Gotta send some to Nancy in Seattle.

Tuesday Aug. 13.

FG = 1.016 – ABV =4.7%

Bottled full batch. Ended up with 9 – 16.9 oz euro bottles and 48 – 12 oz. bottles.

Friday August 28

I shipped Nancy some bottles of this Dunkel, English Golden and Oktoberfest ‘20 earlier this week. I instructed her to get the Dunkel and O’Fest in the fridge and leave it there at least a few weeks. I did try a bottle of the O’Fest 20 and it is perfectly fine now but can only get better with plenty of cold lager time.

I put one bottle of Nancy Pants in the fridge yesterday so I could test the carbonation level and also make sure this is fit to serve. As you can see the carbonation is spot on. I gotta say, after being worried about the strange off flavor when I was bottling I think this might be my best Dunkel yet.

The plan is to distribute this to the usual suspects with a selection of other local Oktoberfest brews and maybe some Oktoberfest inspired goodies.

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