Tart on Tart

Friday Sept. 11 2020

Name changed to Tart on Tart. Racked to secondary on top of 3 lbs. Cranberries.


Three day weekend. A perfect time to brew a kettle soured Gose. Been wanting to try this for years. Starting late on Saturday I will inoculate the wort with GoodBelly Probiotic Drink which contains Lactobacillus plantarum. The drink is flavored but since since the wort will boil again after it has soured not much of the flavor will pass through to the final beer. Also, I will be fruiting this in secondary so any fruit flavors that make it through from the Probiotic will be hidden. The first I ever heard of this method was from Hippy “Yummy” Dave at the Homebrew store.

The basics:

Mash and runoff the wort as usual. Boil for about 15 minutes. I have seen articles say as few as 5 minutes. Cool to 80 ish. Have seen articles that say all the way up to 120. Pitch the Probiotic and cover the kettle as air tight as possible. I will transfer to the Chapman stainless fermenter, that lid will seal and I will put an airlock on. Maybe purge the oxygen with C02. Let the little beasties do their thing for at least 1 day. Check ph and taste. Let it go longer if needed. Shoot for a ph of 3.5. You can pre-sour the mash using lactic acid. I have chosen to use a little Acidulated Malt. Half a pound should do. I do have some lactic acid if I choose to use it.

When sourness/ph have been reached, boil the wort and add hops, salt and coriander. Chill, transfer and pitch yeast. Add selected fruit in secondary. Thinking about cranberry but might stick to something like apricot or mango or something like that. I have time to decide.

I did brew a Gose in 2016 and I used lime. That was not kettle soured though. I think it was good.

Saturday Sept. 5, 2020

Gose – 8 gallons

Grain Bill

6 lbs – Pilsner

6 lbs – White Wheat

.5 lb – Acidulated

Hop Bill

1 oz – Hallertau pellet – 3.8%

.5 oz. German Mandarina – 7%

Added later in boil. About 45 minutes.


24 oz. – GoodBelly Probiotic Drink – Orange or Mango – 12oz. Of each?

.75 oz – Pink Himalayan Salt

.75 oz – ground Coriander


Omega Yeast OLY-044 Kolsch II

This Kolsch strain is warmer fermenting than Kolsch I (OYL-017), flocculates much better and clears more quickly, so it is a little easier to manage. It is a lager-like ale strain that’s lightly fruity, crisp and clean with a hint of sulfur that disappears with age to leave a clean ale. Accentuates hop flavors.

Calculated Stats

OG = 1.041

IBU = 7.8

SRM = 3.9

FG = 1.010

ABV = 4.12%

Brewers – Charles

Water prep. – 12 gallons tap, 1 tablet Camden

Mash Schedule

Strike 4.7 gallons at 160˚ – hold 60 minutes at 150˚

Heat to 170 for mash out.

Sparge with 6.66 gallons at 180˚ ish.

Collect 9.5 – 10 gallons


Boil for 10 minutes to sterilize.

Chill to approx. 85˚ – 90˚

Transfer to Chapman fermenter. Pitch GoodBelly Probiotic.

Seal and place airlock. Purge oxygen.

Will keep in garage or on front porch.

When desired ph or sourness is reached, transfer to boil kettle.

– Everything went smooth but started a little late. Wrapped things up around 9:30. Collected 10 gallons. Boiled for about 15 minutes. Chilled to just under 90˚. Transfer to Chapman, pitched Probiotic, 16 oz. each of Mango and Orange GoodBelly. Sealed and added airlock. Purged oxygen by attaching silicone hose to spigot and holding the other end high enough so no wort would run out. Opened valve. Held C02 tight on end of hose and opened regulator. Blew plenty of C02 in to punish oxygen out the airlock. Might have worked. Whatever. Made yeast starter before going to bed.

PH check before adding probiotic. PH strips = 5.5 ish. PH meter = 5.8 Do not know if I will reach a final PH of 3.5. This will be interesting.

Sunday Sept. 6, 2020

10:30 am. PH meter is reading 3.3???? Now I am confused. Can not be this low yet. I need to read up more on this meter. Doing something wrong.

Feed yeast.

Monday Sept. 7, 2020

PH reading 3.12.

Transfer back to kettle and heat to boil.

I collected too much wort so I will boil about an hour.

Added hops at 40 minutes.

Added salt and coriander at 10 minutes. Then chiller and set up recirculating via pump with enough hose to get to fermenter in kitchen. Pumped long enough for boiling wort to sanitize hose and pump.

Chill and transfer to sanitized Speidel fermenter. Oxygenate and pitch yeast.

Starting gravity this morning was 1.04, just about what predicted OG was.

OG = 1.049 (Boiled off too much wort. Ended up with 7.75 gallons after pitching yeast).

NOTE – I did pump up the hop bill a tad. Added .5 oz of German Mandarina Bavaria.

As of now this does not taste like much. It is a little tart but just not much flavor. Planning on adding a blend of tropical fruits (was on sale), to secondary but that might change. Still thinking about cranberry. Would be good with Thanksgiving dinner.

Friday Sept. 11

Racked to secondary on top of 3 lbs. of cranberries.

Wednesday Sept. 23

Bottled 5 gallons and kegged remaining into small keg. About 1.75 gallons. Cranberries soaked up more than I thought. Sample is a pretty pink color. Tastes good. Not as tart as I would have expected. Should be good cold and carbonated.

FG = 1.01 – ABV = 5.12%

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