Water Treatment

St. Louis County Typical Water Profile (from Missouri American Water 2018 Water Quality Report)

  • 1.6- 3.1ppm Chloramines
  • .3- .8ppm Fluoride
  • .4- 2.3ppm Nitrates
  • 17- 26ppm Calcium
  • 3- 30ppm Magnesium
  • 13- 37ppm Sodium
  • 23- 42ppm Chloride
  • 12- 134ppm Sulfate

Typically, I add (1) crushed Camden tablet to 20g of water to remove chlorine and chloramines. I also add a tablespoon or so of phosphoric acid to 20g of water; mashing generally balances the pH where it needs to be, but acid in the sparge water makes me feel better.

For IPA’s, I add 4oz of gypsum to 30g of water to better replicate the Burton-On-Trent water profile.

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