Fugglepuff IPA

I’ve brewed one traditional English IPA, and it was a success. That was an EKG beer. This one will be all Fuggles. The Fuggles available is a little lame at 2.9% Alpha. I’ll supplement with 4 oz of 4.3% Fuggles that was in the freezer from last year. I’m also dropping the gravity a bit going from 44 to 40# of grains.

20 gallons

Grain Bill-

  • 40# Maris Otter

Hop Bill-

  • 4oz 4% Fuggles & 8 oz 3% Fuggles 60′
  • 2oz 3% Fuggles 20′
  • 2oz 3% Fuggles 10′
  • 2oz 3% Fuggles 5′
  • 2oz 3% Fuggles dry hop in secondary

Yeast- I bought Wyeast Whitbread 1099, but I left it in the car due to unforeseen circumstances and the temps dropped below freezing. Concerned about the viability of the yeast, I bought another pack. However, I popped both smackpacks and both are ballooning up. I did a starter with DME as well.

Water- 30g StL County water, treated w/ 4 oz gypsum and 1.5 Camden tablet.

Calculated Stats- on new brew calculator

  • OG = 1.057
  • FG = 1.016
  • ABV = 5.34%
  • IBU = 44.84
  • SRM = 5.94

Mash schedule-

  • Strike 15g @ 165F
  • Mash in @ 150-155F 120′
  • Bump w/ 5g per best brew shop practice
  • Sparge w/ 10g

Brew Day Notes- December 30, 2019

  • Strike temp was 165F but mash temp came in at 145F. Not a bad place to start, but not what I was expecting. Held 45′ while I heated more liquor.
  • Bumped to 150F for 1:15′.
  • Collected 25g in the boil kettle, but only ended up with 17g in the fermenter. I left a lot of wort in the boil kettle with the hop trub; the flow out of the kettle crawled to a stop, and I couldn’t push any more liquid through. Disappointing.
  • OG = 1.050. Low but acceptable.


Had a bubble in the airlock by the following morning. Temp is 59F, which is too cool for this yeast.

6 days later I racked to secondary. Gravity is 1.016, which would be an ABV of 4.5%. The sample is interesting, grassy, green, bitter, clean. I think this beer will mature well, but the sample seems too strongly bitter right now. Nothing is off for the style, but it’s still too fresh to drink a lot of it. Hopefully, it becomes more drinkable with some age. I added 2 oz of Fuggles to the secondary fermentation by putting the pellets in the shroud of Turin (old muslin cloth) and suspending the satchel in the beer with a string.

Jan 26- Kegged (3) 5g kegs and roughly a dozen bottles. Gravity was 1.010. Flavor was grassy but good, better than a few weeks ago. Looking forward to sampling this beer cold and carbonated.

Feb 1- Started sampling the keg. It’s flat so I’m force carbonating it. It’s good, an IPA for sure, grassy and earthy from the Fuggles. I’ll suspend judgement until it’s properly carbonated.


The plan was to share this beer with friends on brew days, Ales for Tales, and maybe even keep a keg for the Boil. Sadly, we haven’t partied much in 2020 with COVID-19. I drank most of this beer myself, finishing the last keg in early April. I was pleased with the final beer, delicious and clean, sharp and grassy hop profile. In retrospect, I thing the EKG has the edge over Fuggles for this type of beer for me personally, but it would really take a side-by-side taste test to tell. I would definitely try this recipe again, but so many beers to brew and so little time.

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