Weizenbier 2016


  • 30 gallon batch
  • 5% ABV
  • Target OG = 1.050
  • Target FG = 1.013
  • IBU = 12
  • Brew day is July 30, 2016


  • Tom V
  • Carlos J
  • Charles U
  • Dickie S
  • Andy D
  • Rob S
  • Kevin P
  • Alan B
  • Dan Y

Grain Bill-

  • 25# Wheat malt- DE
  • 25# Pilsner malt- DE
  • 2# Carapils, Dextrin malt- US
  • 2# 60L Crystal- US


  • 8 oz Hallertau pellet- DE, 2.5% Alpha (disappointingly low on the alpha)


  • Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Wheat


  • Strike 17g
  • Bump 10g (didn’t use bump water until mash out)
  • Sparge 23g (but we ran the sparge until the kettle was full at around 40g)

Brew Day- July 30, 2016

We had a good day for brewing. It was hot but not oppressive as STL summers can be. We hit all our times and temps quite well with the one minor exception of coming in a wee low on the starting gravity (1.046). We finished with 30g+ volume and Charles ran the Dortmunder on the same day.

  • Strike 17g at 138F
  • 10:15AM Mash in 126F
  • 10:50 Decoction 1
    • 11:00 158F
    • 11:25 Boil
  • 11:40 Recombine at 152F
  • 12:15 Decoction 2
    • 12:30 Boil
  • 12:45 Recombine at 160F
  • 2:00 Mash out w/ 10g bump at 190F
  • 2:15 Run off
  • 2:23 Lauter
  • 3:20 Fill boil kettle
  • 3:30 Boil
  • Starting Gravity = 1.046

This was the first time I (Tom) had ran a brew using pumps. We used pumps to move liquor from the basement and into the hot liquor tanks, pumps for sparge water (which is much safer than moving 25g of 180F water over head), and to transfer back to the fermenters. Sample tasted right. Should be a good beer.


Fermentation has gone as expected. Bubbles in the airlock within hours of pitching yeast with a vigorous stream of CO2 running out by the next day. We used two 30g barrel fermenters to hold 15g of beer to allow for plenty of head-space for this aggressive yeast.

August 6, 2016- Racked 21g+ into one barrel and roughly 8g into Charles, stainless fermenter where I had placed all the blackberries that Charles and I picked at the farm in July. Volume was about 10 pounds or a gallon or so of volume. Sample was appropriate, basically the same Weizen we’ve been brewing for years. Gravity on my hydrometer was 1.010, maybe less. Fermentation picked up about 24 hours have putting the beer on the blackberries. That’ll be a stronger beer. Current ABV is 4.7%.

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