Peated Stout

A Scottish Stout-  20 gallons

I want to brew the Celtic Cross again because it was my favorite beer from 2015 and excellent with scotch, but it’s been years since I brewed a stout. The plan was to brew the Celtic Cross and the following weekend brew the stout, but with the Oktoberfest brew coming up, I’m limited on time and funds to get these beers done.

So, I’ve decided to cross the Stout with the Celtic Cross and brew a Scottish Stout. This is essentially the Irish Stout recipe with the addition of a wee bit of peated malt. I’m hoping it will produce a dry, smoky stout suitable to drink with scotch.

Grain Bill– 40# total

  • 26# Maris Otter (this is all that I have in stores)
  • 3# Roasted Barley (from 6MB)
  • 4# Flaked Barley (for body)
  • 3# Wheat DE (for more body)
  • 3.5# Munich malt DE
  • 8 oz Peated Malt Ahh, the peat…

Hop Bill– 8 oz Fuggles 5.3% for 60′

YeastWyeast 1084 Irish Ale

Mash schedule

  • Strike 12g liquor at 163F
  • Mash in = 153F hold 60’
  • Bump w/ 4g to 160F hold 30’
  • Mash out w 4g
  • Sparge w 10g

Calculated Stats-

  • OG = 1.055
  • FG = 1.015
  • ABV = 5%
  • IBU = 38

Brew Day-

  • January 28, 2017, Lunar New Year, Year of the Fire Cock
  • Air temps in the 30’s F, sunny, cold wind out of west
  • Brewers- Charles U, Dickie S, Rob S, Andy D, Dean B, Jimmy G, Tom V
  • We celebrated Chinese New Year with buns, dumplings, and spare ribs courtesy of Christine. Everything was delicious!
  • Easy brew day, hit all our numbers, sample tasted great
  • Original Gravity = 1.056
  • Brew pics will be at this link


  • Strong bubble following morning
  • Basement temp 159F


This beer beer turned out well. It did exactly what I wanted it to do. It pairs well with Scotch. Everyone who tastes it, likes it.

Microfest 2017

I presented it Microfest 2017 and it took first place for best stout. Winner!

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