Gose Get Your Own Damn Beer!

June 18, 2016

Been wanting to brew a Gose for a while now and decided to knock out a small test batch. I also wanted to do a small batch solo to work out some issues we have been having with chilling and transferring to fermenter.

First, about the Gose. I am basically using the cheating method for this style. I will not kettle sour this one. Souring will come from the use of Acidulated Malt in the mash and Phosphoric Acid after fermentation. Small steps.

Now about our “issues”. We have been plagued by chilling and transfer problems. We have for the most part solved the chilling but the transfer remains the source of frustration and despair. The root of the problem is that F#&%ING bazooka screen. It takes nothing for that thing to clog up with leaf hops and or hop sludge. Over and over again we have to use a big spoon to try to scrape the screen enough to let wort through to the fermenter. A few times some of us have even said screw it, sanitized our hands and arms and reached in to clear the screen. Enough is enough. We thought the use of a whirlpool would solve this but as the wort swirls around, the sludge just piles up on the screen. On my last beer which was my first all pellet beer, I whirlpooled the crap out of it and that screen was so jammed up with sludge nothing could get through. I had to take the hose off the spigot and transfer from the top. Thankfully I had the use of Rob’s pump and actually, transferring from the top worked great. Andy is lucky enough to have a Blichman boil kettle with a dip tube. That is obviously the way to go so I put together a dip tube like device that we can use in my kettles and the AGU Mega Pot. This relies on the use of a whirlpool to pile the hops and sludge in the center of the pot, away from the open end of the tube which is near the bottom corner of the pot. See pictures below.

Chilling/whirlpooling: Since a good whirlpool is critical to using a dip tube, I decided to not use Rob’s immersion chiller. It chills wonderfully but the whirlpool attachment just does not work very well. I ended up using the Therminator and pump. Since my pot does not have a whirlpool outlet built into it (yet), I needed something to attach to the hose coming out of the Therminator. All I had available was a plastic tube from an auto-siphon. It already had a 90˚ turn at one end so it should work fine. Clamped it to the inside of the pot so the end was about 5 inches into the wort and turned on the pump. Everything worked great. Until the heat of the boiling wort made the plastic tube so soft it started to collapse where the clamp was holding it. Luckily the temperature of the wort dropped fast enough that it did not close off completely. It did not take long to get a good whirlpool going and the temperature dropped faster than anytime we have brewed. Only problem was that right now the tap water temperature could not get the wort below 80˚. Moved the whirlpool tube over to the fermenter without stopping the pump. Transfer was fast and as the wort level in the pot dropped, I was thrilled to see the pile of hop sludge emerge in the center. It actually worked. With Summer upon us, we might try to run the hose water through Rob’s chiller sitting in a ice bath and then into the Therminator. Will be interesting to see how all this works with the Mega Pot.

Brew Day photos

Gose – 8 gallons

Grain Bill

  • 6 lbs – Pilsner
  • 6 lbs – White Wheat
  • 1 lb – Acidulated

Hop Bill

  • 1 oz – Tradition Pellets, approx. 6%


  • 1 oz – Sea Salt, no iodine, fine
  • .75 oz – ground Coriander
  • 3 – Limes, zest and juice
  • ? – Lactic Acid – post fermentation


  • Wyeast 1007 – German Ale (Kolsch was not available)

Calculated Stats

  • OG = 1.044
  • IBU = 8.9
  • SRM = 3.3
  • FG = 1.010
  • ABV = 4.4%

Brewers – Charles

Water prep. – 12 gallons tap, 1 tablet Camden overnight

Mash Schedule

Mash-In 1 – 8:30 am – 4 gallons strike water at 170˚

6 lbs. Pilsner and 6 lbs. White Wheat only

Step temp. 152˚ (Mash temp = 153˚)

Mash-In 2 – 8:45 am – .5 gallon Strike water at 150˚ (not enough water)

1 lb. Acidulated in small pot on stove

Separate mash to keep Acidulated Malt from dropping mash ph too low.

Combine mash 2 into mash 1 with 10 minutes left in mash time.

Mash temp. = 148˚

Mash Out – 9:30 am – 2.5 gallons at 205˚

Step temp. – 168˚ (mash temp. = 167˚)

Vorlauf – 9:45 – wort cleared fast

Run Off – 9:55

Sparge – 5 gallons at 200˚

Collect 9.5 gallons – pre-boil gravity = 1.041

10:50 – Boil

Add 1 oz. Tradition pellets


Add 1 oz. Sea Salt, .75 oz ground Coriander, zest and juice from 3 limes.

Attach hoses to spigot, pump, Therminator and whirlpool tube. All of these have been pre-sanitized.


Heat off, attach whirlpool tube, prime and turn pump on.

Give fermenter 1 last dose of sanitizer.

12:15 – Temp. in center = 83˚

12:22 – Temp in center = 80˚

Not dropping any lower.

Will let it sit in basement while I clean up before pitching yeast.

Moved whirlpool tube over to fermenter. Transfer is going fast. Wort looks good. No hop crap coming through.

When sludge pile started to show, I tipped pot slightly so wort would run toward dip tube. Started to get some sludge running to tube. Next time leave alone.

Collected 7.5 gallons in fermenter.

OG = 1.o46 (predicted 1.044)

Beautiful color. Very clear (clear as in no hop sludge). Hazy due to no Irish Moss.

Not sure what it should taste like at this point but it tastes good. Possibly too much salt.

Move fermenter to basement.


Oxygenate and pitch.









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