English IPA – 10G

Grain Bill

27# Pale Ale Malt (UK)

2# Biscuit Malt (BE)

2# Crystal 60L (UK)

0.25# Chocolate Malt (UK)


6oz EKG (at boil)

2oz Northern Brewer (at boil)

2oz Fuggle (15 min)

3oz Fuggle (dry Hop)


Dry English Ale Yeast (WLP007)

Brew Day

Mash temp actual 152F (10g) – Strike temp 168F

Added 1.5 g – 153F

11g sparge at 170

Collected 16g

90′ boil

OG – 1.071

FG – 1.022

Racking to pirimary fermentation was a huge problem.  I clogged my valve and 3 racking canes.  Only got about 11g or so in my primary fermenter.

In secondary I used a hop bag to dry hop.  It worked well but Fuggle was not a good hops for aroma.  Very little aroma.  However, beer tastes pretty good.  6.4% ABV

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