Amarillo American Wheat

March 21, 2015 I have been looking to brew a wheat beer of some sort but did not want to come too close to the Weissbier we brew (Tom’s recipe) for Oktoberfest. I came across a recipe for an Amarillo Wheat that looked interesting and decided to use that as a starting point. The original recipe used all Amarillo hops and would have been on the extremely hoppy side. Rob would have loved it. I decided to follow the hop routine we have been trying. Bitter with a high alpha bittering hop (Nugget) and then use Amarillo for the flavor and aroma additions. Another first for me, I added sweet orange peel to hopefully bring out a bit more citrus flavor. Should be interesting. Grain Bill-

  • 5 pounds Pilsner
  • 5 pounds White Wheat
  • 8 oz Flaked Wheat
  • 8 oz Crystal 60
  • 4 oz Red Wheat

Amarillo American Wheat - 02 Hop Bill-

  • .5 oz Nugget 13.8% – boil 60 mins.
  • .25 oz Amarillo 10.9% – boil 20 mins.
  • .25 oz Amarillo 10.9% – boil 10 mins.
  • .25 oz Amarillo 10.9% – 0 mins.
  • *1.75 oz Sweet Orange Peel – boil 5 mins.


  • Wyeast 1056 American Ale, started 2 days prior to brew day


  • Charles
  • Dry Hopped Rob

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 5.13.06 PM Brew Schedule – Temperature Mash 2 Step

  • Mash in 10:45 – 18.5 qts at 130˚
  • Protein Rest at 122˚ for 30 mins.
  • Saccharification at 152˚ for 45 mins.
  • Mash Out at 168˚ for 10 mins.
  • Transfer to 10g mash tun
  • Vorlauf approx. 15 mins.
  • Fly Sparge & Run off – collect 8.4 gallons wort – pre boil gravity 1.046 (estimated 1.042)
  • Boil 60 mins. see Hop Schedule above.
  • 2 tablets Irish Moss
  • Post Boil Volume – 7.5 gallons
  • Ran cold hose water around outside of pot approx. 15 mins. Broke temp down to 120˚
  • Transfer to 7 gallon glass carboy via Therminator. Wort temp 70˚
  • Original Gravity – 1.049 (estimated 1.051)
  • Pitch yeast

Amarillo American Wheat - 04 Yeast started slow but is very active Sunday afternoon. Temperature holding around 64˚. From Wyeast… This strain makes a wonderful “House” strain. Mild citrus notes develop with cooler 60-66°F (15-19ºC) fermentations. Will need to watch the temperature as not to drop any lower. Good call to use a blow off tube. A standard airlock would have jammed up. Might have to take the tube off to clean out. Lots of foam getting pushed through and I fear that when fermentation slows it might dry up and block the tube. Brew day went very smooth. We were missing the water supply hose for the Therminator but was able to borrow one from my washing machine. I plan to find a storage box to keep the Therminator and hose in so this does not happen again. Amarillo American Wheat - 12 Hopefully this test beer will turn out. I would like to do this again to bring to the Sierra Club Craft Beer Fundraiser in June. Amarillo American Wheat - 16 Photo gallery is here… Amarillo American Wheat

March 26, 2015 Racked to secondary. Looking wonderful. This is going to be good…

… I hope.

April 3, 2015 am

Racked 5 gallons to keg. Sample tasted very good. The aroma was a bit odd. This will be a really crisp, clean beer. Will be great for summer drinking. Not sure what to think of the Amarillo hops yet. The hop flavor is definitely going to stand out which is a big switch from the beers I have been brewing. Not detecting much citrus or orange. Looking forward to trying this cold and carbonated.

Final Gravity – drum roll please……………. 1.012 DEAD ON!

ABV = 4.8%


April 16, 2015

Second time sampling this. Has improved greatly. After the sample I tried last week (way too soon), this is now a very tasty, very drinkable beer. Still needs another week or two. This might be the best beer I have helmed. Maybe I am learning something after all. Aroma is really nice. I assume it is the Amarillo hops I am smelling. Very pleasant. Color is fantastic. The first sample was much darker if that is possible. I would not change this. Tastes like an American Wheat beer but with a definite hop bite. Not too bitter. Can still taste the malt which is what I prefer but the hop is there and you know it. Thinking a little more hop next time would make this a stand out beer.  Not picking up off flavors but I have never been good at that. A bit of citrus in here. Not much but it is there. Certainly not picking up any orange. Was hoping for at least a little. Maybe next time I will use fresh orange peel. More too. Wait. As I swirl the almost empty glass and take a whiff, I am smelling a bit of orange. I guess the hops are covering up the orange flavor. Head retention sucks. Pours with a beautiful head but quickly dissolves to looking like a melting ice flow just skimming the surface. HA. Did I write that?


1 thought on “Amarillo American Wheat

  1. April 18- Enjoyed Charles’ Amarillo wheat today when we brewed the Patersbier, This is a great, easy drinking beer. I was more impressed with the Amarillo hops than I thought I would be. The best hoppy wheat beer I’ve had. Anyone who likes beer would enjoy this. This recipe needs to be a staple beer.

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