Red Apple Cider

Kyle picked some late season apples at his mom’s, after they had started to turn red, and pressed out the juice. This unfermented juice was much sweeter than the early season, green version, and lacked the woody, leafy taste. We heat pasteurized 7 gallons of this juice to 170 F for about 10 minutes. Dickie had the cooling coil, so we dropped the kettle into a cold water bath, which brought the temp down dramatically. It was late, and the cider was still warm when we racked it, so Kyle pitched the yeast the following morning, just as Ollie did on the Green Apple Cider.

Original Gravity = 1.035 (lower than we would like)

Cider under primary fermentation.

Cider under primary fermentation.

Kyle reports that the fermenter is chugging away like a train the following day. For the red cider, we used a starter (1 pack of champagne yeast pitched dry onto the surface of two cups of pastureized red apple cider, left for 24 hours). This starter seems to really have really made a difference on the initial vigor of the fermentation.

Kyle reports that this cider continues to ferment vigorously after four days.

Bottling- November 8, 2014

FG = 1.001

ABV = 4.46%

A little short on bottles so it’s a rag tag of containers. The jar, which didn’t expect to hold the pressure, is holding well and has a rock hard pressure bubble as of Monday night.

Various bottles of red apple cider

1 thought on “Red Apple Cider

  1. May 12, 2015

    Kyle tried one of the ciders tonight. He had them all siting in his
    fridge since November. He doesn’t think he’s had one since last year.

    Anyway, it was much better. Milder, apple-ier. Still not his favorite
    but he suspects friends who like cider will like it better now. 🙂

    This fall when we do this again he wants to use an ale yeast.

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