Peated Stout 3.0

So I wanted to brew this the Friday after we brewed with Petrichor but got delayed until this Saturday 12/19/20. Turned out to be great day to brew as the weather cooperated. I brewed to the BJCP American Stout standard. I’m looking forward to drinking this in the Winter months ahead. As the Starks say “Winter is coming”.

Grain Bill -31# Total

  1. 15# Golden Promise
  2. 5# Flaked Oats
  3. 5# Dark Wheat
  4. 3# Roasted barley
  5. 1# Black Prinz
  6. 1# Peated Malt
  7. 1# Smoked Malt

Hop Bill

2oz HBC 342 12.5% 60 min

1oz Columbus 14.9% 60 min


Omega OYL-005 Irish Ale

Mash Schedule

Strike with 9.75 gal @172

Mash in 152 hold 45 min (came in low should have been 156)

Mash out with 4gal @202 brought mash up to 156

Sparge 4.2 gal @168


Pre boil gravity 1.053 with refractometer

OG 1.065 Hydrometer, 1.060 refractometer


Brew day went well great weather and no drinking before the boil. Mash tun temp was low I had warmed the mash tun but probably drained it too soon and it cooled off. Ran off 15 gal in 33 minutes. Boiled of 3 gallons in 60 minute boil as I had a strong boil going. Ended up with 12 gallons in fermenter which went to 12.75 approximately after yeast starter. I used Omega Irish ale which I have never used before. Strong bubble this morning. Smells peaty in the basement.

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