Scottish Ale 70/- ish

November 29, 2013

Black Friday

This one should have gone MUCH smoother. Made many little mistakes and one big very dumb mistake. I was anxious to try my lauter tun I made. Need to put some more thought into this. If anything, I hope we learned a few things that will help while putting together Tom’s big ass tun. Notes. How many times has Tom told me to keep track of EVERYTHING? I started to but got distracted with stuff and the few notes I did take are now missing. Big mistake? We forgot to take the OG. WTF? Tom will never let us forget this one. Still kicking myself. Forgot the Irish Moss too.

Brewers: Charles, Rob, Dickie, Bopp. Tom and Sam kept us on track until the boil.

Grain Bill:

  • 6.5 pounds British Pale Ale
  • .5 pound Munich Malt
  • .5 pound Crystal 60
  • .25 pound Crystal 120
  • .5 pound Aromatic Belgium
  • 3 oz Pale Chocolate

Hop Bill

  • UK East Kent Golding, leaf – 6.3% – Boil 60 minutes


  • Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale

Some of this is a little “fuzzy”.

Mash Schedule

  • Strike: 3 gallons at 168˚
  • Transfer mash to new lauter tun
  • Hold mash at 158˚

Lauter and Sparge

  • 20 minute recirculate
  • 60 minute lauter
  • Collected 8 gallons wort


  • 30 minute boil to reduce
  • 60 minute boil with hops
  • Last 15 minutes with heat exchanger (forgot Irish Moss)

Cold Break

  • Cold break in new utility sink
  • Heat exchanger plus ice bath
  • 20 minute cold break (if that long)

Transfer approx. 6 gallons wort to carboy

Pitched yeast. Weak bubble by bedtime. Strong bubble in morning. No turbulence like I saw with the ESB.

Wort never really cleared while recirculating. Will need to rework the copper tubes with slits in the lauter tun. Tom suggested putting a grain/straining bag around the tubes. Would have helped.

We killed off the keg of Labor Day ESB. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Will be brewing this again.

The chicken chili was AWESOME. Glad I made it the night before.

While sitting around after the yeast was pitched (and we realized the mistakes I made), I started to hash out thoughts for another project. More on that later.





1 thought on “Scottish Ale 70/- ish

  1. You got the grains wet and it made beer. That’s what you needed to do. Good work. I gotta think it’ll be a good beer, but I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that you brewed a Scottish ale without peated.

    I was very impressed with your lauter tun, and the work you did has really helped me visualize how the big tun will go together and function.

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