Weizenbier 2021

Charles is taking on this years Weizen for Oktoberfest and the Andy Mandy wedding celebration extravaganza. More or less the tried and true recipe from Tom but will add a touch of Strisselspelt hops at the end of the boil. Shooting for 15 gallons.

Sunday August 22

Brewers – Charles, Rob and a surprise appearance by Bopp and Hank.

Calculated Stats-

  • Original Gravity – 1.050 (1.044 – 1.052
  • IBU – 13.6 (8 – 15
  • SRM – 4.7 (2 – 6)
  • Final Gravity – 1.012 (1.01 – 1.014)
  • ABV – 5.04 (4.3 – 5.6)

Grain Bill 

  • 14 lbs White Wheat
  • 12.5 lbs German Pilsner
  • .75 lb Carapils (thought I had more)
  • .5 lb Crystal 40
  • ? Rice Hulls

Hop Bill

  • 2 oz. Hallertau 4.2% – 60 mins.
  • 1 oz. Hallertau 2.8% – 30 mins.
  • 2 oz. Strisselspalt 1.3% – 5 mins.


  • Wyeast 3068


Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae 

Profile: The classic and most popular German wheat beer strain used worldwide. This yeast strain produces a beautiful and delicate balance of banana esters and clove phenolics. The balance can be manipulated towards ester production through increasing the fermentation temperature, increasing the wort density, and decreasing the pitch rate. Over pitching can result in a near complete loss of banana character. Decreasing the ester level will allow a higher clove character to be perceived. Sulfur is commonly produced, but will dissipate with conditioning. This strain is very powdery and will remain in suspension for an extended amount of time following attenuation. This is true top cropping yeast and requires fermentor headspace of 33%.


Mash Schedule

Tried something a little different.

Mashed at 120˚ – held 110˚ for 20 minutes.

Raised to 152˚ – held until conversion was complete, about 50 minutes.

Raised to 168˚ for mash out.

Sparged with 170˚ish.

Collected 18 gallons.

Boiled 60 minutes, hops per above schedule.

Chilled to just under 90˚.

Transfer to fermenter in kitchen. Let cool more before pitching.

At 8 pm, oxygenated and pitched yeast.

About 15 gallons in fermenter.

OG = 1.052 (predicted 1.050)

As expected, yeast took off like a rocket.

A nearly textbook brew day. Started early and was cleaned up by 1:30. Was nice brewing with Rob again. Been a long time.

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