Dickie’s Pilsner 2021

Same plan as always. Dickie, Charles and I (Huck) brewed the Pilsner on a pretty day in May.

Grain Bill- 55# sack of US Pilsner malt from Proximity

Hop Bill- 1# of Saaz

Yeast- SafLager W34/70

Water- 40g of STL tap treated with phosphoric acid and 2 Campden tablets

Mash schedule-

  • Strike 20g @ 160F
  • Mash in @ 152F (shooting for 148F) for 120′
  • Sparge 20g
  • Boil 90′
  • Hop 60′
  • Gravity checked 1.055 and volume was 25g (shooting for 30g)
  • Packaged 4 kegs and a case of Euro bottles. Gravity read 1.002. Clearly my hydrometer is off but the ABV is 7%.
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