British Blonde Real Ale on Cask

Our friends at Petrichor Brewing are once again hosting a wort share. They supply each home brewer with 6 gallons of fresh wort and brewers then finish the beer any way they want. Then on Sunday May 23rd, the brewers will serve their beer at Petrichor where the beers will be judged and awards given out.

Tom and myself have decided to combine our wort into one larger batch and serve it from the recently acquired firkin (cask). This beer will finish in the cask like traditional English cask ales (real ale) and will probably be dry hopped. We may even bring the home made beer engine to test out with this beer.

This is a good beer to break in the firkin as we will not have to buy anything. The wort is supplied by Petrichor, the hops I have had for probably 1.5 years, and the yeast will be from the secondary fermentation of my previous brew, Scrummy, British Golden Ale. If this fails, we are not out anything except time and some propane. But it is NOT going to fail. Best Real Ale Ever!

Rob and Kevin are also participating so AGU will have 3 beers at the event.

Saturday April 17, 2020

Wort provided by Petrichor Brewing. He says this is his base recipe for a Blonde Ale. Malt bill as follows.

Two-Row Base Malt – 46.2%

Pilsner – 16.9%

Flaked Corn – 15.4%

Dextrin – 7.7%

Munich 10L – 7.7%

Rice Hulls for the balance.

Yes, we are aware that this is not a proper British malt bill.

Stats are:

Pre Boil Gravity – 1.052

SRM – 4.0

Transfered wort to boil kettle and added 1 gallon tap water to try to keep the gravity a little bit lower. A cask Real Ale is typically a session strength which this beer will certainly not be.

Boiled for 60 minutes. Boiled off more liquid than intended as usual.


4 oz. East Kent Golding – 60 minutes.

Transferred to Fermenter. Collected 10 gallons. With yeast slurry from previous brew, just under 11 gallons in fermenter.

OG = 1.058

Sunday morning, a very strong steady bubble. This is going to ferment FAST.

Tuesday April 27

Racked to secondary in the hopes enough yeast will fall out by Friday morning so Tom can use for his IPA we will brew that day. Also a short secondary should leave enough yeast to kick off another fermentation in the firkin.

Thursday April 29

Prepped firkin. Sanitized using keg washer in bucket in utility sink. Sanitized Shive (bung) and keystone night before and installed keystone to test for watr tight. Boiled water with 3.7 oz. corn sugar for priming. Racked into firkin about 9 gallons. Purged headspace with CO2 and installed shive. Hammered in with old rubber mallet. Surprised how much force is required to hammer in both keystone and shive. As of Sunday night I have detected no leaks but there might not be much pressure built up yet.

Gravity = 1.014 – ABV currently at just under 4.5%.

No idea what is going to happen in the cask. If this comes in just under 5% I will be happy.

Plan is to move cask to Petrichor up to 1 week before festival. Michael said we can store it in the walk in cooler.

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