Oktoberfest 2021

It should be no surprise that there are no major changes to this brew.

The biggest difference this year was the absence of people. We didn’t have our Oktoberfest party in 2020 due to the pandemic. As a result, I still had some of last year’s Fest beer in the keg to drink while brewing this year’s. Only Charlie and Dickie came to brew (though Alan made a cameo in the afternoon). Hopefully, this year, we’ll be able to party with this beer.

Brew Day- Feb 20, 2021. The outside temps finally made it above freezing for the first time in 2 weeks. It was a sunny day. We had about 4-6″ of snow on the ground.

We had the most excellent omen; a bald eagle flew over the house! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bald eagle in Ballwin, but there was no mistaking it. It circled low over the backyard moving north up the hill.

Dickie brought a drone and Ginger loved jumping after it! Due to the extreme cold early, we didn’t get started until about 10AM. But it was a nice brew day. Hit our numbers as usual. Pitched yeast kinda late around 7:30 or 8PM.

25 gallons

Grain Bill- Same as always

  • 26# Pilsner malt
  • 19# Vienna malt
  • 6# Munich malt
  • 5# Wheat malt

Hops- 13 oz 2.8% Hallertau 60′

Water-37g STL county, treated w/ Campden tablets and a splash of phosphoric acid

  • 20g Strike
  • 17g Sparge

Yeast- Wyeast Oktoberfest. Note- This yeast came from the Mexican Gold brew. I packaged that beer this week and left 2-3g of yeasty beer from secondary to start the Oktoberfest.


  • Strike 20g @ 158F
  • Mash in 148F 30′
  • Decoction 1- 5g raise to 158F for 20′
  • Bring Decoction 1 to boil for 10′
  • Recombine @ 159F for 45′
  • Decoction 2- 5g raise to boil for 10′
  • Recombine @ 168F mashout
  • Sparge 17g
  • Collect 30g & boil for 60′, add Hallertau at boil
  • Irish Moss w/ 15′ left


  • Good cold break and dropped to 60F w. Thermonator
  • OG = 1.060
  • Sample tasted right
  • The runoff into the fermentor was slow but continuous.
  • O2 courtesy of Charles
  • Pitched yeast Saturday night.
  • The beer started slow. No activity on Sunday, but by Monday night a thick krausen developed!

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