Patersbier- Québécois

I meant to make the Patersbier beer again last year and never got around to it. I really liked it as a simple, everyday Belgian drinker. Then Wyeast released the Private Collection 3864 Canadian Belgian yeast, which is supposedly the Unibroue yeast. This is the same yeast that Gary used when we brewed this the first time, so I bought a sack of Belgian Pilsner malt and got the yeast.

We’ve always lightly hopped this beer with Noble hop varieties, but I have some EKG and will use it instead. I got a surprise day off on Monday, so I’m kinda throwing this brew together with what I got, and I think the EKG will fit this beer just fine.


Grain Bill- 36# total

Hops- 6 oz 4.7% East Kent Goldings 60′

Water- 30g STL Co water, 1 1/2 tablets crushed Campden tablets, splash of phosphoric acid.

  • 12g mash
  • 6g bump
  • 12g sparge

Calculated Stats-

  • OG = 1.050
  • IBU = 26
  • FG = 1.012
  • ABV = 5.0%
  • SRM = 3

Mash Schedule-

  • Strike 12g at 164F
  • Mash in at 152F 60′
  • Bump w/ 6g 30′

Brew Day- January 18, 2021, MLK Jr. day, a surprise day off!

I started before dawn moving and heating liquor. Temps were just below freezing. It was a smooth brew day in general. Hit the 152F temp perfectly, and the bump didn’t seem to add much temp but held it steady at 152 for a full 90′. Lauter went a little quicker than usual it seemed, but I ended up with over 27-28g in the boil kettle. I wanted to get every ounce out of the liquor because I ended up short a few gallons on the Mexican Amber. Because of the cold day, I expect a high evaporation rate as well.

Cold break into the fermenter went slowly, but well. I expect a full 20g of finished beer. Gravity was hard to read with the foam but seemed low. I don’t think it hit 1.050, more like 1.040 but hard to confirm. And I’m a little disappointed that the yeast hasn’t kreusened in the starter by the end of the brew day. I got a late start with the yeast, but there’s no activity in the big Erlenmeyer flask. I plan on pitching yeast tomorrow morning and give the starter a chance to get going tonight.

Jan 20- Tonight a nice kreuzen is building on top of the beer. No bubble activity in the airlock but it’s definitely making beer.

Jan 30- Racked beer to secondary. Didn’t check gravity, but did taste a small sample and it was nice. Citrusy, a little bubble gum, light, fruity. It’s cloudy and yeasty now. I think it will finish well when more of the yeast falls out of suspension. It should clear up.. I’ll give it another two weeks in secondary.

Feb 13- Gravity checked an incredible 1.004 on my hydrometer, if it is to be believed. The beer has to be over 5% ABV. It may be has high as 5.5%. The sample was good, dry, simple, clean. It cleared up well. Bottled about 12g in 500ml Euro bottles and two 5g kegs.

Serving Notes- March. Opened a bottle this week to check carbonation. It was well carbonated and the flavor was spot on. It struck me as a Belgian version of Stag, though I’m not sure anyone else would agree. I took a keg to the park on a rainy night. We had a small but good turnout. People enjoyed this beer.

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