Redcoat ESB v4

redcoat logov4

Time for ESB. This version is almost identical to the last. Only real change is the yeast. Trying Imperial Yeast A01 House this time.

Now, about that firkin…

Sunday, March 29

Redcoat ESB v4 (Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale) – 12 gallon

Grain Bill

  • 20 lbs. Maris Otter
  • 1 lb. 8 oz. Crystal 60
  • 1 lb. Special Roast
  • 1 lb. 7oz. Aromatic
  • 1 lb. CaraPils

Hop Bill

  • 3.5 oz East Kent Goldings 6.1% – 60 mins.
  • 1.5 oz East Kent Goldings 6.1% – 30 mins.
  • 1 oz. Strisselspalt 1.3% – 0 mins. Seemed to be Ok last time.


  • Imperial Yeast – A01 House
  • Extremely versatile English ale strain, allowing both malt and hops to shine.

    The best of both worlds, House is clean and allows malt and hops to shine. This strain is extremely versatile and flocculent enough to drop out of the beer quickly. Best strain choice for any and all English inspired recipes however, does extremely well in hopped up American styles too. House is clean at cold temperatures with increased esters as fermentation temperatures rise.

    TEMP: 62–70F (17–21C)
    ATTENUATION: 73–75%

Calculated Stats- 

  • OG = 1.053
  • FG = 1.013
  • ABV = 5.5%
  • IBU = 42.6
  • SRM = 11.3

Typical Mash schedule.

Mashed in at 175˚. Had to adjust with a little cold water and then more hot water. Holding at 151˚.

Mashed out with 200˚. Only got up to 162˚.

Vorlauf via pump. Worked very well. See below.

Ran off 15 gallons. Pre-Boil gravity .045 – Low, see below.

Extended boil. About 75 minutes. Hops per schedule.

Recirculate via pump for last 10 minutes to sanitize pump and hose. Added 4 tabs Irish Moss. Wort seemed very cloudy so added 1 more than normal. Put Chiller in to sanitize.

Chill went quick. Got temperature down to just under 70˚.

Transfered to fermenter in kitchen via pump. Collected 11 gallons.

Oxygenate and pitch yeast.

Monday morning – strong steady bubble. House temperature is at low end for this yeast.


Everything went smooth considering I was alone (Corona Virus).

Vorlaugh via pump. I have been wanting to try this as it is similar to how the Rims tube will operate. Was not sure if there would be enough liquid under the false bottom. Was worried that the pump would suck it all out and start to pull the grain bed down. Big chunks cleared fast but was fooled into stopping vorlauf too soon. Did not notice how cloudy the wort still was. NEXT TIME, run a little off into a glass or pitcher to check clarity. Still, I was very pleased with this method.

Knowing OG would be a little low, I ran off 15 gallons with the plan to extend the boil. Seemed to help. Pre boils was .045. Should have been .05. Boiled down to approx. 12 gallons. OG = .053 – dead on.

So, what about a Firkin? I would prefer the Pin size. Would be hard to knock off 10 gallons. Once you tap one of these you need to drink it. Plus 5 gallons makes it a little more special. Plus, a Pin is cheaper. Will look into this more.

April 4, 2020

Racked to secondary.

April 12, 2020

Pulled 5 gallons and filled 50 bottles. The rest went into 1, 5 gallon and 1, 2.5 gallon kegs (kegs are not completely filled but close).

GO – 1.009 = 5.8 ABV

Sample tastes wonderful. A bit lighter in color and and a slightly different flavor than previous versions. Has to be the yeast. This is the second beer in a row using Imperial Yeast and so far I am impressed.

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