Oktoberfest 2019- the Fest

Some notes on the party we had.

  • Seemingly smaller crowd this year.
    • If the last two years has been 300 people, I would say this year was 200.
    • We did not drink the volume of beer we have the last two years. Those of us who brought multiple kegs, took some home. Roughly estimate 70-75 gallons beer consumed. (see notes below on beer)
    • We bought 250 brats. Too many. We all took some home. Buy 150 and run short. People can bring their own meat.
    • We bought 200 pretzels from Philly Pretzel Co. Not nearly as good, but easy and cheap. We only need 100-150 at most.
    • We also generated less trash by roughly 20% by pushing glassware (as well as smaller crowd).
    • No Chris Cyr kept things mellow, and we missed him greatly
    • All this and the Tip Jar was still at $1000 (thanks to a last second donation from Charles to hit the mark) to go to Stray Rescue.
  • Beer Quality at its Best
    • I was concerned about the Oktoberfest bier in late August, but I believe pulling the yeast off helped this beer considerably. Drinking it on Sunday, the day after and when I had a chance to think about it, this bier is as good as we’ve ever done. Another stellar bier that I would stack up against any. Killed 3 kegs
    • The Jagerbier was another success. I think it’s a great bier and a lot of people told me they liked it better than the “Festbier. Killed 2 kegs.
    • The Cherry Pilsner was by far the best cherry beer I’ve ever done. I don’t know why, but it was way better than any of the Kirche Weizens. Thank you, Dickie. Killed 1 keg.
    • Dickie’s Pilsner was outstanding, despite my fears of a hot fermentation. This is now a regular at all AGU functions. Killed 2 kegs?
    • Charles’ Munich Dunkle was arguably the best beer of the night. It’s certainly the most under-rated. It was a hot day, so the dark beers didn’t move well, but thankfully, he’s got some left to enjoy this fall. Killed 1.5 kegs.
    • The Dunkles Bock drained. Killed 1 keg
    • I thought Rob’s Weizenbock was delicious. We served it on nitro and that foamy head is a drawback. Perhaps we keep a jug going for nitro beers. Killed .5 keg.
    • Andy did a great job on the Weizen. Flavor was spot on. This is where I started my day. Killed 1.5 kegs.
    • I don’t know how Charles’ Pfirsch Dortmunder got better, but it did. Lots of good crowd chatter on this beer. This has become a regular. Killed 1.5 kegs
    • Kyle’s and Kevin’s Amber Kellerbier was a little too green. Flavor was right. Killed .5 keg.
    • Overall, I think this was the best lineup we’ve ever shown.
  • Some New and Fun Stuff
    • Andy and Mandy and crew rocked it!
      • They made schnitzel which is now an Oktoberfest must.
      • They hand-squeezed lemonade on Friday night for Radlers on game day.
      • They made Apfelwein which was delicious and a huge alternative hit. Too bad Andy hasn’t posted that recipe on here. I guess he”ll keep the secret to himself and make enough for everyone.
      • Andy managed the brats from someplace in Washington, Mo (I think) and everyone raved about the brats. I think we have a keeper there.
    • We had cans of Blood Orange soda and other flavors for radlers.
    • We did the bounce house, which is invaluable at times. It probably isn’t worth the cost, but it does level us up and puts an adamant stamp that children are welcome and this is a family environment.
    • I really liked that we pushed the No Plastic Cups issue and people responded! Next year Charles is talking our own glassware.
  • Minor disappointments
    • No Chris Cyr
    • The pretzels are not as good
    • Hot, humid weather
  • Next Year-
    • Jagerbier
    • Apfelwein
    • No Plastic Cups; sell our own glassware
    • Chris Cyr (and Kyle)
    • Fewer brats and pretzels (we can always send a runner for more)
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