Midsummer Weekend Brew

Time to muscle up for Oktoberfest. On Friday evening, July 26, I’ll brew das Bier des Jägers, the Hunter’s beer. This is simply the Oktoberfest beer made with Kölsch yeast, which better suits the temp range in the basement.

Then on Saturday, Dickie will brew another big batch of Pilsner, which is a necessity at Oktoberfest. I’ll be free on Saturday to make pretzels and brats for the brewers.

-Bier #1- Jägerbier- Friday PM- Double Decoction, 25g

Grain Bill- 67# total

  • 26# Pilsner
  • 19# Vienna
  • 6# Munich
  • 5# Wheat

Hop- 11 oz 3.4% Hallertau 60′

Yeast- Wyeast 2565 Kölsch

Water- STL County, 1 1/2 crushed Camden tablet, splash phosphoric acid

  • 20g Mash
  • 20g Sparge


  • Strike 20g @ 158F
  • Mash in 148F 30′
  • Decoction 1- 5g raise to 158F for 20′
  • Bring Decoction 1 to boil for 10′
  • Recombine @ 157F for 45′
  • Decoction 2- 5g raise to boil for 10′
  • Recombine @ 168F mashout
  • Sparge 20g
  • Collect 30g & boil for 60′, add Hallertau at boil

Brew Notes-

All went well on Friday evening on brew #1. We started brewing about 1 or 2 PM and finished around 10. We hit our numbers, times, and temps for the most part, falling short on Final Gravity at 1.052. Flavor seemed right. Pitched yeast Friday night and by Saturday the beer and blown through the airlock and we removed the lid to let the beast breathe.

-Bier #2- Pilsner- Saturday AM- Single Infusion Mash, 30g

Grain Bill- 55# Pilsnen malt (Avangard)

Hop Bill- 16oz Czech Saaz 3% 60′

Yeast- SafLager W34/70

Mash Schedule-

  • Strike 20g 160F
  • Mash in 20g 148F 120′
  • Bump 5g
  • Sparge 15g
  • Boil 90′
  • Add hops 60′

Brew Notes-

Another smooth brew with a Final Gravity at 1046, which is spot on.  It was still above 80F so I pitched yeast Sunday morning and had a good bubble in the air lock by Sunday afternoon.

After closing up the Jägerbier, the airlock shut off. It appears that the warm fermentation temps allowed the yeast to quickly churn through all that beer. Looks like the Pilsner may do the same thing.

Fermentation Notes-

The basement as held a steady 73F for two weeks. The Jägerbier finally settled down on Sunday and I replaced the lid. There was a huge, sticky dark brown yeast at least 6″ thick on top of the beer. After two days there still wasn’t a bubble in the airlock, so I assumed fermentation was complete. I racked to secondary four days after brewing. Gravity was 1.018, and the beer looked great and tasted a little sweet and malty.

I left for 5 days in Colorado and returned to find a slow bubble in the airlock still which was nice to see. I kegged 2 weeks after brewing. Gravity was 1.012, which yields and ABV of 5.3%. I get the feeling that it may improve slightly as it lagers. The sample is still sweet, a little too much so, clear, and golden. I think it will age over the next 6 weeks into a nice beer.

The Pilsner in the mean time has stayed in Primary. For 2 weeks. I kegged 20g with the last of the kegs. There’s still 10g in the fermenter. Not sure where that’s going just yet. I may rack it into one of the 30g barrels, with the cherries(?). Gravity checked at 1.008, for an ABV of 5%. The sample tasted appropriate with a little funk to it. The 4 kegs went into the fridge for lagering for the next 6 weeks.


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