Duke’s Dunkel 2019


Once again it is time to brew a few lagers for AGU Oktoberfest. First up is Duke’s Dunkel. This is one of my favorites and it is always nice to have a dark beer on the beer menu (this year I will also have 1 keg of Dunkel Bock that I brewed in early April).

As usual, there are a few changes to last years recipe. Notes from last year said to use more Munich malt and Pilsner instead of Vienna. Also tossed in some Flaked Oats, probably a bad idea but there it is.

Thought I had more Hallertauer but only had 3 oz. Made up the rest with Hallertau Blanc. Probably another bad idea but there it is.

July 4, 2019

Duke’s Dunkel –  12 gallon

Munich Dunkel – Dark German Lager

Characterized by depth and complexity of Munich malt and the accompanying melanoidins. Rich Munich flavors, but not as intense as a bock or as roasted as a schwarzbier. The classic brown lager style of Munich which developed as a darker, malt-accented beer in part because of the moderately carbonate water. While originating in Munich, the style has become very popular throughout Bavaria (especially Franconia). Unfiltered versions from Germany can taste like liquid bread, with a yeasty, earthy richness not found in exported filtered dunkels.

Grain Bill-

  • 15 lbs. Munich 6 srm
  • 5 lbs. Munich Dark 35 srm
  • 5 lbs. Pilsner
  • 1 lb. Carafa Special II dehusked
  • 16 oz. Flaked Oats
  • 12 oz. Carapils

Hop Bill-

  • 1.25 oz. German Hallertau Blanc pellet 7.2% – 60 mins.
  • 3 oz. German Hallertauer pellet 3.8% – 30 mins.
  • 75 minute boil.


Wyeast 2206 – Bavarian Lager

Used by many German breweries to produce rich, full-bodied, malty beers, this strain is a good choice for bocks and doppelbocks. A thorough diacetyl rest is recommended after fermentation is complete.  Temperature range 46˚ – 58˚.

Started yeast Sunday (brewing on Thursday). Trying Omega Yeast Propper Yeast Starter. Started with 2 packs of yeast and used 2 cans of Propper with correct quantity of purified water. Fed both Tuesday and Wednesday nights with 1 can of Propper and water each night. Cold crashed on brew day. Poured off some top liquid before pitching.


Prepared 21 gallons STL County tap the evening before brewing.

Mash Schedule-

Temperature Mash – 2 Step – Full Body

  • Mash In – 8.5 gallons at 130˚ – Step Temp 122˚ – hold 30 mins.
  • Heat to 156˚ over 15 mins. – hold 30 mins.
  • Mash Out – Heat to 168˚ over 10 mins.  – hold 10 mins.


Fly Sparge with 12 gallons at 168˚ – collect 15.5 gallons.

Calculated Stats-

  • Original Gravity – 1.056
  • Bitterness – 25 ibu
  • Color – 22.2
  • Final Gravity – 1.016
  • ABV – 5.3%


As with last year, started early because of the heat and being July 4 holiday. Wanted to wrap up early to enjoy the rest of the day. Flame on at 7:30 am.

LUCKILY Bopp showed up. Could have managed alone but it would not have been pretty. The heat of the day got to me, I BONKED during cleanup.

Hit all temps and times. LOVE the step mash on the burner. Maybe next year my Rims tube will be operational for these beers.

Was surprised to chill wort to under 80˚. Pumped directly to fermenter in the downstairs refrigerator. Oxygenated and pitched yeast in the evening after wort chilled some more.

OG = 1.054

12.5 gallons in fermenter plus starter (13 gal total). Beautiful color. Sample tasted as expected. This is going to be “One malty SOB”.

As I write this on Sunday morning, still have a steady bubble in airlock. Nothing crazy but steady since Friday morning. Holding 50˚ in refrigerator.

July 20, 2019

Had to hurry this through rest and secondary. Brewing the Dortmunder tomorrow and I need the fermentation space.

Racked to 2, five gallon kegs. Sample tastes fantastic. Malty. Love the Munich malts.

FG = 1.018 – ABV 4.7% – on the low side for the style but still in there.

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