Pilsner AGU 2019

Single Infusion Mash 30g

Grain Bill- 50# Pilsnen malt (MaltEurop)

Hop Bill- 16oz Czech Saaz 3% 60′

Yeast- SafLager W34/70

Mash Schedule-

  • Strike 20g 160F
  • Mash in 20g 148F 120′
  • Bump 5g
  • Sparge 15g
  • Boil 90′
  • Add hops 60′


Ended up with about 25g of Pilsner. Tom V. managed fermentation in his basement, which seems warms for lager temps, but the results, as always were stellar.

We drank 10g as Zoigl at the Crawfish Boil. As usual, it is a favorite and one of the first to go.

Dickie took 10g to enjoy this summer. As of this writing Tom still has 5g lagering in the basement.

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