Patersbier 2019

I was planning to do a Saison, when Charles mentioned bringing back the Patersbier from 2015. I used the Private Collection yeast back then and can’t get that now. Instead, I’ll use Wyeast 3787, which seems to be Stan Hieronymus’ choice in his Enkel formulation. The 3787 is supposedly the Westmalle (& Westvleteren) strain true to the Patierbier’s origin.

Gary only used Pilsner malt. I added Aromatic at the time. This time I’ll add some Munich and Wheat malt.


Grain Bill-

  • 30# Pilsner Belgian
  • 3# Wheat DE
  • 3# Munich DE


  • 6 oz 4.5% Hallertau 60′
  • 2 oz 3.25% Saaz 10′

Yeast- Wyeast 3787 Trappist Style High Gravity

Water- 30g prepped

  • 12g mash
  • 6g bump
  • 12g sparge

Calculated Stats-

  • OG = 1.050
  • IBU = 26
  • FG = 1.012
  • ABV = 5.0%
  • SRM = 3

Mash-in 152F 90’, single infusion

Post Brew-

I was very pleased with this beer. We drank a keg at the Crawfish Boil, but there was a keg leftover. The summer it is pouring clear and clean and the flavor is wonderful. Christine’s dad, Joe, had some last night and commented about how wonderful the aroma was. He really enjoyed this beer and I do too.

I will say that I’m peated out at the moment. This beer aged wonderfully, but after using peat in successive beers, I’m ready to lay off for a bit.

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