Scottish Stout

Brewing the peated stout recipe. All same ingredients and same brew plan. Came in a little low on mash temp, 148F. Held for 45′ and bumped to 156F. Held another 45′ and did a recirculation.

I thought things went well in general but was surprised to see starting gravity at 1.042. Should have been 1.054. I was disappointed in the sample. It seemed way too thin with a grainy off flavor.


A couple weeks after brewing Gravity is 1.008. ABV is 4.6%. Not bad, I guess, and a dry beer to make Black and Tans with. Flavor is pretty good, roasted, smokey, smooth. I’m a little surprised at the decent flavor. The first sample seemed off, but this one just fine. The yeast was giving off a slight stink that I wasn’t happy with either but the beer seems good. Additionally there’s a solid 24g in secondary, so my low gravity can be explained from the excess volume rather than low extraction. Right now I’m pleased with this beer.

I’ll let it rest in secondary and then package.


December 2 I kegged four 5g kegs. Sample was awesome. The next day I bottled 5g in various bottles and will hand them out to coworkers as xmas gifts.

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