AGU Oktoberfest FAQ

All Grain Underground, Oktoberfest 2018, Frequently Asked Questions

  • So, what’s the deal? We’re a bunch of jerks who brew and drink beer. We hold our own Oktoberfest celebration the last Saturday in September and serve various German style beers.
  • Am I invited? Yes.
  • What does it cost? Nothing.
  • Wait, you’re giving away beer? Yes.
  • Why would you do that? It all started years ago when some of the folks we worked with wanted to taste our most excellent beer. This is your opportunity to do so.
  • Can I bring a friend? Yep.
  • Can I bring three friends? Yes, bring two or five. Bring family. Bring friendly dogs and well-mannered kids. Bring Grandma. Bring a Designated Driver.
  • Can I get a Bud Light? Nope.
  • Is this weird beer? Well, it’s not Bud Light. For this festival we brew traditional German styles, like Weizen, Helles, Dunkel, and Oktoberfest, but we often have some oddities for the beer hipsters, like a RauchRoggen, a medieval German smoked rye beer.
  • But I drink Bud Light. That’s not a question and in some circles considered a personal problem. Let us help you. We recommend the Weizen and the Pilsner as an easy intro into craft German style beer. Both are light in color and aren’t weird even for Bud Light drinkers.
  • Is this a party? Sorta, but Festival might be a more appropriate term. We like friendly, happy responsible drinkers. Think family oriented German beer garden, not out-of-control Animal House.
  • What time should I be there? We’ll start serving at 10AM and go until 10PM or we run out of beer. I wouldn’t advise staying for 12 hours though some people do.
  • What should I bring? Nothing, but a beer mug is helpful. Some veterans of our Fest will bring a lawn chair, but we encourage you to sit at our community tables and meet new people just like in Munich.
  • What about food? We have brats and pretzels until they last. For those familiar with the tradition, Weisswurst is served before noon. And then there’s the pot luck. We have tables of savory and sweet, and you’re welcome to bring your favorite party dish and share, but it’s not required. As a rookie. just come and enjoy.
  • Is this gonna be 6 awkward beer geeks in your basement or what? Well, there will be beer geeks but more than 6. It seems to grow every year but we estimate that 300 people will go through our little beer garden, and we’re planning on the equivalent of 8 half barrels of beer.
  • Are you a brewery? Nope.
  • Are you a club? Sorta, but clubs have officers and rules and such. We’re more like a gang.
  • Can I buy your beer? Nope, we do not have the licenses to sell beer.
  • Have you considered opening a brewery? Nearly every homebrewer does.
  • What is the ABV of your beer? It depends, but much of what we brew is stronger than the typical American Industrial Lagers. The Fest beer is above 6% ABV, and some types can get above 10%, so please drink responsibly.
  • I don’t like beer. Can I still come to the Fest? Absolutely, we have wine, but many folks don’t imbibe at all. All happy, nice people (and dogs) are welcome.
  • Why is it called Oktoberfest when it’s in September? Munich’s Oktoberfest ends the first weekend of October but begins in September. Most brewers follow the tradition and begin celebrating about the same time.


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