Bauhaus II, the Vienna

This summer’s chef’s special will be predominately Vienna style beer. I’ve got a surplus of Vienna malt and will use it to make the Bauhaus. Last year’s malt bill was more Oktoberfest in style; this beer should be a little lighter than that one. I’ve got some Hallertau leaf in the freezer from the A-B hop give-away. I’ll use it up. Because I have no fridge space for 20g of primary fermentation, I’m using the Kolsch Ale yeast and will cold lager this beer in the kegs.


Grain Bill-

  • 23# Vienna malt
  • 7# Wheat malt
  • 5# Munich malt

Hop Bill- 5oz 8% Hallertau leaf, 60′. It is likely that this hop is not in its prime and less than 8% as it came from the A-B hop give-away.

Yeast- Wyeast Kolsch

Mash Schedule-

  • Strike 11g liquor at 160F
  • Mash-in @ 148-152F 20′
  • Decoction 1- pull 5g, raise to 158F, hold for 20′
    • Raise Decoction 1 to boil, boil for 10′
  • Recombine w/ rest mash at 158F, hold for 20′
  • Add 7g of Bump water to mash out, hold 10′
  • Begin Lauter
  • Sparge w/ 10g

Brew Notes-

OG = 1.046

A pretty smooth day. Temps ran hot all day, but in general I was pleased with the numbers. The 1.046 is low by about .004, but my hydrometer reads low and I expect this will finish around 5%. The wort looks cloudy. We’ll see how the beer finishes. Sample was good. Pitched yeast the following day and had a good bubble in the fermenter quickly.



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