Oktoberfest Beer List 2018

AGU Oktoberfest 2018 Beer List

Current total 133g

  • Oktoberfest– 20g
    • A strong, golden, malty festival beer
  • Pilsner– 20g
    • A light, smooth, easy drinker
  • Dunkel-10g
    • A dark beer style from Munich served on nitro tap
  • MaiBock-5g
    • A strong, malty lager
  • RauchRoggen- 15g
    • A smoked rye beer from medieval Germany
  • Helles-5g
    • A beer light in color and typical of everyday Munich
  • Weizen-10g
    • A light and yeasty wheat beer
  • Alt- 10g
    • An old, dark, German ale style and rival to Kölsch
  • Vienna- 15g
    • A golden, bitter everyday drinker
  • Pfirisch Dortmunder- 10gA golden lager fermented on peaches!
  • German IPA- 5g
    • An all German grain bill bittered with German hops
  • Gose- 3g
    • A tart, herbal, salty wheat beer, limited release

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