Duke’s Dunkel 2018


This years Bug Boil is over and is now time to think about AGU Oktoberfest. I have decided to bring back Duke’s Dunkel. I did not make this last year and regretted it. This was one of my favorites and the Oktoberfest crowd seemed to enjoy it also.

As usual, I am modifying the recipe a little bit. More Munich malt and all German Hallertau hops. This will be a step mash over heat which worked great a month ago on the Amarillo Wheat (step mashing in the tun is a waste of time). Will use the new mash tun for the second time. Not expecting much help. Should be interesting getting this to the refrigerator in the basement.

(Andy and his friend Alan SAVED MY ASS).

June 10, 2018

Duke’s Dunkel –  12 gallon

Munich Dunkel – Dark German Lager

Characterized by depth and complexity of Munich malt and the accompanying melanoidins. Rich Munich flavors, but not as intense as a bock or as roasted as a schwarzbier. The classic brown lager style of Munich which developed as a darker, malt-accented beer in part because of the moderately carbonate water. While originating in Munich, the style has become very popular throughout Bavaria (especially Franconia). Unfiltered versions from Germany can taste like liquid bread, with a yeasty, earthy richness not found in exported filtered dunkels.

Grain Bill-

  • 19 lbs. Munich
  • 4 lbs. Vienna
  • 1 lb. Carafa Special 3
  • 8 oz. Carapils

Note to self: Next time try a bit more Munich and Pilsner instead of Vienna. Unless this wins a Gold medal. Then don’t change anything.

Hop Bill-

  • 3 oz. German Hallertauer pellet 3.6% – 60 mins.
  • 2 oz. German Hallertauer pellet 3.6% – 30 mins.
  • 90 minute boil.


Wyeast 2206 – Bavarian Lager

Used by many German breweries to produce rich, full-bodied, malty beers, this strain is a good choice for bocks and doppelbocks. A thorough diacetyl rest is recommended after fermentation is complete.

Started yeast Monday night. Fed Wednesday night, Friday night and Saturday afternoon.


Prepared 21 gallons STL County tap the morning before brewing.

Mash Schedule-

Temperature Mash – 2 Step – Full Body

  • Mash In – 7.6 gallons at 129˚ – Step Temp 122˚ – hold 30 mins.
  • Heat to 156˚ over 15 mins. – hold 30 mins.
  • Mash Out – Heat to 168˚ over 10 mins.  – hold 10 mins.


Fly Sparge with 9+ gallons at 168˚ – collect 14 gallons.

Gonna be nasty hot. Maybe collect 15 gallons due to evaporation during boil.

Calculated Stats-

  • Original Gravity – 1.054
  • Bitterness – 25 ibu
  • Color – 22.6
  • Final Gravity – 1.015
  • ABV – 5.1%


With the projected high temperature around 94˚, I got as much ready as I could Saturday night and got an early start Sunday. Flame on at 7:05 am (75˚) with mash in at 7:30. Finished and cleaned up by 1:40 pm. Not bad. As I write this at 2:15 the temp has hit 94˚. So glad I started early.

Only big issues were the original mash temp was too hot (126˚). Added 1 gallon cold water, dropped mash to 123˚. Mash was also too thin but I guess BeerSmith took into account that this was Step Mash?

Spent too much time after Mash Out transferring mash to mash tun and then getting the tun up on the table. I could not get it alone. Was slowly getting it up a little at a time when Andy and his friend Alan from Chicago showed up. They saved my ass big time. 

Next time, leave tun on table to transfer mash (unless someone else shows up).

At Vorlauf, wort cleared really fast. Collected 15 gallons. Should have collected 16.

BeerSmith said to prepare 16.71 gallons. I prepared 21. After collecting 15 gallons, the leftover out of the tun was just over 2.5 gallons. ALWAYS prepare more water!!!

Hit boil at 10:30. Followed hop schedule using both hop screens. Yes, I remembered them this time.

Could not chill below 80˚.

Transfer over at 1:15. Collected 11.5 gallons in fermenter. Moved to refrigerator. Will oxygenate and pitch yeast when temperature drops sufficiently.

BeerSmith says to ferment at 67˚. That can’t be right. Temp range for Bavarian Lager yeast is 46˚ to 58˚.

As intended, this is not as dark as previous. This looks right. Does not look like a Stout,

OG – 1.054 (71˚). – DEAD ON – BABY!

June 18-

Racked to Secondary. Left out of fridge for dactyl rest for 2 days.

Back in Fridge. Not much activity in airlock. Yeast is done.

June 24-

Racked to 2 kegs and 1 growler. To growler added 6 carbonation tabs as an experiment. All 3 right back into fridge for lagering until Oktoberfest.

FG – 1.018 = 4.8% abv.

July 4 – 

2 kegs Dunkel transfered to Robs house for lagering to free up fridge for Dortmunder.

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