Pilsner AGU

This beer was awesome last year. Dickie looks to improve it with Saaz hops. It was an easy brew day, the easiest 30g brew day we’ve had. Beautiful weather for a change. 5g will go to the Crawfish Boil as Zoigl.


Grain bill- 50# Pilsen malt (MaltEurope)

Hop bill-

  • 16 oz Czech Saaz 3.0% leaf. 60′

Yeast- SafLager W-34/70

Water-  60g St. Louis County H2O

  • Mashin 20g
  • Bump 10g
  • Sparge 30g

Calculated stats-

  • OG 1.048
  • FG 1.010
  • IBU 26
  • ABV 5%

Brew day-

  • April 28, 2018
  • Dickie, Charles, Tom
  • Strike 20g @ 165F
  • Mashin @ 148F 120′

Hit all our times and temps. We filled the kettle to nearly 40g and no room for boil-over. We used the Thermonator and it worked perfectly with no fuss, though it did take a while. We got every drop out of the kettle and finished with nearly a full 30 gallons in the fermenter. We ran a little low on the gravity hitting 1.040 on my hydrometer, but mine seems to run .002-.004 low, so I’m thinking we’re closer to 1.048 than it shows. Sample tasted perfect, and we have a strong bubble in the airlock Sunday morning. I expect this beer to finish dry below 1.010.

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