Crawfish Boil Beer List 2018

German Styles-

Kölsch– This German ale style finds its origins in Cologne and has become a staple of the AGU at both the Crawfish Boil and Oktoberfest. This beer is very accessible to the American Industrial Beer palate, light and balanced, a straightforward easy drinker, almost too easy.

Peppered Kölsch- Same as above but spiced with chilies!

Berliner Weisse- A tart, light, effervescent and refreshing beer enjoyed in Berlin, not unlike lemonade. We aged this beer a long time to bring it to its delicious conclusion today. A perfect way to start the summer.

Zoigl- Last year’s crowd pleaser returns! The Zoigl is a regional variation on the Pilsner style, which is normally cold aged for months. Zoigls, however, are enjoyed fresh and soon after primary fermentation  is complete. Last year it was the first keg to go. Get some before it’s gone! C’mon, say it with us Chris, Zoigl!

Maibock- One of only two official lagers (as defined by bottom-fermenting yeast) on today’s list, the Maibock is a spring beer, rich and golden. It’s stronger than the lighter Pilsner with lots of Munich and Vienna malt character.

UK & Irish Ales-

Celtic Cross- Here a Scottish grain bill is crossed with an Irish yeast and made with a touch of peated malt (Ahh, the peat). Similar to the Dark Mild, these dark ales are malt-forward when compared to the hop-forward Pale Ale.

Dark Mild- You watching Peaky Blinders? Those characters drink Mild beer, an English variation of the classic dark ale. The Mild is typically known as a low gravity beer due to grain shortages after WWI, but we weren’t constrained by such issues. This Mild isn’t so tame.

Irish Stout- Nitro Stout. That’s right. Nitro. ‘Nuff said,

British Bitter- This Redcoat Extra Special Bitter is an English style Pale Ale. It’s a balanced beer by American terms, but in England, with its long history of dark malty beers, the Pale Ale was bitter by comparison, and the name stuck. Nitro?

Born in the USA-

Cream Ale- Cream Ale is an American Style popular prior to prohibition. It’s light in color and body, a fine session beer, which means you can have more than one. This would be an excellent choice to take the bug table.

IPA- This American craft beer staple has been “spiced” with rye by our brewing gurus and thereby dubbed “Spicy IPA” (not from peppers but from the rye). High in hop flavor and aroma, this beer should pair perfectly with today’s crawfish.

American Wheat- An icon of the American craft beer scene, the American Wheat is defined by a clean, clear, sparkling yellow color. We use Amarillo hops because of the wonderful flavor and aroma it imparts on this beer. This recipe is a proven award winner.

Yeasty Belgians-

Saison- A light yellow, summer Belgian beer style and known to be enjoyed by farmhands, this popular beer makes its return. This style’s history goes back to French and Belgian farmers, which we feel fits wonderfully with our Cajun menu today.

Dubbel- Dutch for “Double” this strong, brown, rich ale style was originally brewed by monks and authentic versions are still found today coming from the Belgian Trappist monasteries, and also from the brewer monks of the AGU.

Dubbel Barrel- An AGU special release beer, we took the Dubbel and aged it in a barrel to impart that classic oak kiss on this beer and made the Dubbel Barrel. and the hipster beer geeks rejoiced! Huzzah!

Witches Brew- The special release beer is a big, black Belgian Quad that’s been 2 1/2 years in the making. Brewed Halloween night 2015, each AGU member made their own unique contribution to out magic potion. The ABV exceeds 10%. We offer this beer as a special treat. Please consume modestly. To learn more of this beer, please talk with the members of our coven.


Black & Tan- Not a beer style, but rather a beer cocktail, the traditional Black & Tan (or Half & Half per the Irish) is made be floating a Dry Stout on top of a base of Pale Ale. You’ll need a clear cup to appreciate the beauty in this layering.

Gin Bucket- OK, we didn’t brew this one. We’re just serving it from the tap. Gin and white soda and fruit. Bring your cup or turkey baster, and we’ll fill it up!

Please Note- not all beers are available at the same time. As we finish kegs, we’ll tap something new. Please check our serving board for what’s currently on tap, and what’s on deck!

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