JAB – Just Another Bitter

I bought ingredients to brew a Bitter a few months ago. Just now getting around to it. I did buy some fresh yeast though and decided to try something different. I went with Wyeast 1469 – West Yorkshire Ale. As luck would have it, this would be my first solo brew day. I had a few issues that were more about just doing stupid things but all in all it went fairly smooth. Also, this will probably end up a more bitter beer than any of my previous Bitters.

Sunday August 13, 2017

Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale) – 11 Gallon

Brewers – Charles

Grain Bill

  • 18 lbs. Maris Otter
  • 1 lb. Aromatic
  • 1 lb. Biscuit
  • 1 lb. Crystal 60
  • 1 lb. Special

Hop Bill

  • 2 oz. Bramling Cross 6.5%
  • 1 oz. East Kent Golding 6.1 %
  • 1 oz. Fuggle 5%
  • 1 oz. Willamette 4.8%


  • Wyeast 1469 – West Yorkshire Ale

This strain produces ales with a full chewy malt flavor and character, but finishes dry, producing famously balanced beers. Expect moderate nutty and stone-fruit esters. Best used for the production of cask-conditioned bitters, ESB and mild ales. Reliably flocculent, producing bright beer without filtration.

Temperature range 64˚-72˚


  • Prepped 16 gallons tap water treated with Camden night before.

Calculated Stats


  • OG: 1.059
  • FG: 1.02
  • IBU: 45.9
  • SRM: 11.2
  • ABV: 5.1%



Mash Schedule

9:15 am

Mash In: 7.5 gal. at 168˚ – Step temp. 156˚ hold for 55 mins.

Mash Out: 2.8 gal. at 202˚ – Step temp. 168˚ hold for 10 mins.

Vorlauf: 10 mins.


Sparge with 7 gallons at 180˚

Collect 12.5 gallons.

Boil – 11:15 am

Hop Schedule

Using 1 hop spider

2 oz. Bramling Cross 6.5% – 60 mins.

1 oz. East Kent Golding 6.1% – 60 mins.

1 oz. Fuggle 5% – 60 mins.

1 oz. Willamette 4.8% – 60 mins.

Irish Moss


Chill start – 12:16 pm

Long chill and whirlpool while cleaning up.

Will not get lower than 80.

Chiller out. Continue whirlpool.

Move kettle to kitchen. Continue whirlpool.

Transfer through hole in floor.

Original Gravity – 1.056

Oxygenate and pitch yeast – 2:00 pm

Cleanup done at 2:30 pm

Another miss on OG? WTH? I have been thinking I hosed up BeerSmith settings or something. Maybe switch back to BrewToad.

Maybe stop futzing with recipes and just brew a bitter that worked good before.







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