Path of Totality

We’re gonna brew a magical elixir on the eclipse.

Based on the maps and calculations from the NASA website-

  • The eclipse starts (for us) at 11:49.
  • Totality begins at 1:16:48.
  • Totality ends at 1:18:33, lasting 105 seconds.
  • The partial eclipse will end at 2:43.

We are brewing a beer the morning of the eclipse, a Dry Stout. We will mash-in around 8AM. All are welcome.

We can send runners for bagels, donuts and kolaches… whatever, for breakfast as needed.

Our plan for lunch at the moment is pulled pork. It’s something we can make ahead of time and people can help themselves which is convenient on a working brew day. We’ll have potato salad, mac’ & cheese and other sides. As well as finger foods. Feel free to contribute your favorite picnic addition, but no worries, you’re company is all we want!

Brewing will take place for most of the morning and finish up in the early afternoon. By the time we get to totality, we’ll be nearly done.

It is helpful, but not req’d to bring the following to a brew day-

  • Beer mug
  • Lawn chair (for those doing extensive traveling, don’t worry about it, we’ve got extra)

We will have several beers on tap-

  • Northern English Brown
  • German Amber Ale (aka Bauhaus)
  • Peated Stout
  • Pepper IPA
  • Vienna Lager
  • Possibly others

The plan is to set up the bar, but that requires a bartender, something we usually don’t do on brew days since we’re busy brewing.

Sunday, August 20, will be busy as well. We’ll have out-of-town visitors joining us throughout the weekend. You are welcome on Sunday, but we will be busy with set-up, cleaning, cooking, etc…. We may put you to work. At the very least we will not be able to entertain much, so please be flexible and self-sufficient.

Last Call- This is a school night, and our party will come to a close as we pitch yeast. We’ll be returning to our regular schedules quickly…assuming this literally isn’t the end of the world.


  1. Tom V.
  2. Christine V.
  3. Emma V
  4. Dickie S.
  5. Charles U.
  6. Andy D.
  7. Kyle L.
  8. Michelle H.
  9. Astrid L.
  10. Kim V.
  11. Martin P.
  12. Linda V.
  13. Tom V.
  14. Nick V.
  15. Anita V.
  16. Ninetta V.
  17. Zach Z.
  18. Nico V.
  19. Mateo V.
  20. Victor A.
  21. Nada A.
  22. Doyle A.
  23. Harrison A.
  24. Silas A.
  25. Julia G.
  26. Barb D.
  27. Emma W.
  28. Emily F.
  29. Kelsey G.
  30. Amanda
  31. Dennis W.
  32. Ray

Brew Notes-

I’ve been wanting to successfully make a homebrewed Black & Tan for a while now. The trouble is brewing a dry enough stout that will float on a pale ale, assuming that final gravity is the key factor in making a layered beer. This will be a big brew of 30 gallons along with a big party to watch the eclipse. May the Sun, Moon and Earth align to bless this beer with magic.

Grain Bill-

  • 30# Maris Otter
  • 5# Munich Malt
  • 5# Flaked Barley
  • 4# Wheat
  • 4# Roasted Barley
  • ½# Peated Malt? (Game day decision- the question is, Do we replicate the award winning Peated Stout, or will the peat unfavorable not work well in a Black & Tan)

Hop Bill-

  • 8 oz 5% Fuggle 60′
  • 4 oz 5% EKG 60′


  • Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale


  • 45g St. Louis Co
  • Strike 15g 160F
  • Bump 9g Boil
  • Sparge 21g 175F

Mash Schedule-

  • Strike 15g @ 160F
  • Mash-in light grains @ 148F 90’
  • Bump to 160F w/ boiling water & add dark grains 20’
  • Add remaining bump water 10’
  • Sparge
  • Collect 40g & Boil with 12 ox EKG 60’
  • Irish Moss 15’

Calculated Stats-

  • OG = 1.044 (or lower)
  • FG = 1.012
  • ABV = 4%
  • IBU = 38


Racked all beer into one fermenter 1 week after brewing. Gravity = 1.008 on my hydrometer.

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