Weizen 2017

July 30 brewed this year’s Weizen. 30 gallons. Good brew day. No worries. Continue to use same basic recipe as always. Double decoction.

Grain Bill-

  • 25# Pilsner malt DE
  • 25# Wheat malt DE
  • 2# 60L Crystal malt
  • 2# Carapils

Hop Bill-

  • 8 oz Traditions pellets. These are the same old pellets we used in the Oktoberfest and estimating 3.5% alpha. 60′
  • 2 oz Traditions 30′


  • Weihenstephaner. We used the yeast cake Charles had built from the Dunkleweizen.

Brew Day-

  • Strike 20g liquor at 140F +
  • Mash in at 127F 30′
  • Decoct 7g raise to 158F 15′
  • Boil decoction 30′
  • Recombine @ 152F 30′
  • Decoct 6g raise to boil 15′
  • Recombine at 157F 60′
  • Mashout w 10g hot liquor 10′
  • Recirculation 10′
  • Lauter 60′?
  • Collected and filled 40g kettle
  • Long cold break on hot sunny day. Used cooling coil and Thermonator.
  • Collected two 15g batches in 30g fermenters
  • OG= 1.046


This strong yeast has broken out of the fermenter even with 100% headroom. We made beer.

August 9, 2017- Racked beer to secondary. Gravity is low at 1.008. Sample is good, green, strong. Should be a fine beer.

Racked 5g on to 10# of tart cherries that Grand Pop had picked and I had pitted. I pasteurized the cherries for 10 minutes at 160F and then froze them. I put the frozen cherries in the fermenter and the beer kicked into another fermentation.


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