Weizen 2017

July 30 brewed this year’s Weizen. 30 gallons. Good brew day. No worries. Continue to use same basic recipe as always. Double decoction.

Grain Bill-

  • 25# Pilsner malt DE
  • 25# Wheat malt DE
  • 2# 60L Crystal malt
  • 2# Carapils

Hop Bill-

  • 8 oz Traditions pellets. These are the same old pellets we used in the Oktoberfest and estimating 3.5% alpha. 60′
  • 2 oz Traditions 30′


  • Weihenstephaner. We used the yeast cake Charles had built from the Dunkleweizen.

Brew Day-

  • Strike 20g liquor at 140F +
  • Mash in at 127F 30′
  • Decoct 7g raise to 158F 15′
  • Boil decoction 30′
  • Recombine @ 152F 30′
  • Decoct 6g raise to boil 15′
  • Recombine at 157F 60′
  • Mashout w 10g hot liquor 10′
  • Recirculation 10′
  • Lauter 60′?
  • Collected and filled 40g kettle
  • Long cold break on hot sunny day. Used cooling coil and Thermonator.
  • Collected two 15g batches in 30g fermenters
  • OG= 1.046


This strong yeast has broken out of the fermenter even with 100% headroom. We made beer.

August 9, 2017- Racked beer to secondary. Gravity is low at 1.008. Sample is good, green, strong. Should be a fine beer.

Racked 5g on to 10# of tart cherries that Grand Pop had picked and I had pitted. I pasteurized the cherries for 10 minutes at 160F and then froze them. I put the frozen cherries in the fermenter and the beer kicked into another fermentation.

September 10, 2017- The Weizen is all kegged. It’s a little darker than I would like and a little “heavy” for such a light beer. The mouth feel is a little to full, but the flavor is right. I’m hoping that it improves with some bubbles and cold.

The Kirche Weizen was not good when I racked it a few weeks ago into a carboy, but I kegged it today and it was stellar. It will likely be the best version of this beer to day. It had a cherry aroma that I hope stays with this beer until the party. It also had good tartness. Color is really kind of a gold color with just a hint of pink.

I also put 5 gallons of Weizen with 1/2 cup Szechuan peppercorns. The original plan was to make a spicy wheat with chilies, but Christine had the peppercorns and after doing some research, it looked to be a good choice for both some spice and some pepper. Interestingly enough, these peppercorns don’t give heat like chilies do. Instead they have some chemical that sort of numbs the tongue. Apparently, this is the first time these peppercorns have gone into a beer. A brewery in China has already done so, and that seemed good enough to give this a try. I’m hoping for something peppery with a little heat. If it needs more heat, we have some dry Thai chilies we can add in a couple of weeks.

September 23, 2017- I tasted the PfefferWeizen after two weeks of Szechuan Peppercorns and there was little to no heat. I couldn’t really taste any significant difference between it and the regular Weizen beer. So, I added a handful of dried Thai chilies to the beer and will let them soak for a week prior to Oktoberfest. Hopefully it heats up the beer a little, but isn’t overpowering.

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