Dunkelweizen 2017

With lagering space at a premium, Charles decided to brew a Dunkelweizen instead of a Munich Dunkel so we can have a dark beer for this years Oktoberfest. And since two brews are better than one, Andy brewed a bastardized version of Charles’s Amarillo Wheat. But fancy boy will add his honey to secondary so it will surely be better. It was predicted to be in the mid 90’s so Charles had everything in the garage and ready to go Saturday night. Flame on in the morning for the Dunkelweizen would be 6:10 am in the hope of beating the heat. Both beers were finished, cleaned up and Andy’s beer was in his basement by 2 pm. Early starts are awesome. We dined on rib meat tacos.

July 16, 2017

Dunkelweizen 10g

Charles, Andy, Baily, Rob, and special guest appearance by Kyle and Astrid.

Calculated Stats

  • OG – 1.049 – actual 1.046
  • IBU – 10*
  • SRM – 18
  • FG – 1.011
  • ABV – 5%

Grain Bill-

  • 10 lbs. Munich
  • 10 lbs. White Wheat
  • 14 oz. Roasted
  • 4.5 oz. Dehusked Carafa

Hop Bill-

  • 2 oz. German Hallertau 3.8% – 60 mins.
  • *A slight miscalculation. When creating recipe in BeerSmith, I left the default alpha for Hallertau (4.8%) in the recipe. Should have been 3.8%. Drops the IBU down to 10 but it is still in style. Might dry hop to bump it back up. (NOT).

Yeast- Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan

The classic and most popular German wheat beer strain used worldwide. This yeast strain produces a beautiful and delicate balance of banana esters and clove phenolics. The balance can be manipulated towards ester production through increasing the fermentation temperature, increasing the wort density, and decreasing the pitch rate. Over pitching can result in a near complete loss of banana character. Decreasing the ester level will allow a higher clove character to be perceived. Sulfur is commonly produced, but will dissipate with conditioning. This strain is very powdery and will remain in suspension for an extended amount of time following attenuation. This is true top cropping yeast and requires fermenter headspace of 33%.

Temperature range 64˚-75˚

Water- Prepped 37ish gallons (for both beers) night before, treated with camden.

Single Infusion, medium body.

Mash Schedule-

  • Mash In – 6:45 am – 6.5 gallons at 165˚ – Step Temp. 152˚ hold 60 mins. – Actual 147˚
  • At 30 mins., bumped with 1 gallon 190˚ – Mash temp. 152˚
  • Mash Out – 7:50 am – 3 gallons at 210˚ – Mash temp. 169˚ hold 10 mins.
  • Vorlauf approx. 10 mins.
  • Runoff and sparge – collected 14 gallons.

Hop Schedule-

  • 2 oz. German Hallertau 3.8% Alpha – 60 mins.
  • Potential dry hop in secondary.

Chilled and transferred 11 gallons. Starter brought to almost 12 gallons.

Gravity = 1.046 😦  For some reason Rob is very fixated on this.

Feasted on Country Rib Tacos.

Sunday 7:30 pm – moderate bubble, ramping up fast – room temp. 73˚

July 23, 2017

Racked to secondary. Harvested yeast for Tom to use on the upcoming Weizen brew day (July 30). Dumped the yeast cake into a sanitized bucket that Tom will put on his big ass stir plate. He will add sugar throughout the week to increase yeast count for 30+ gallons.

Aug. 2, 2017

Bottled 3 gallons and racked 4 gallons to each of 2 kegs.

Final Gravity = 1.012 – ABV = 4.4% – Not what it should be but will be a good session beer for Oktoberfest. Probably a good thing to have one or two low ABV beers.

Side Note – August 30, 2017

The harvested yeast went crazy in the 5 gallon bucket. Tom had to take it off the stir plate a few times. We had more than enough yeast to pitch in both 30 gallon barrel fermenters each with 16 gallons wort. By Monday, the headspace was completely filled by foam…”Damn you banana yeast, damn you”.



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