Bauhaus Bier

I don’t really have a style for this beer. I simply had some German ingredients available and decided to put a quick brew together with what I had. I’ll let style follow function, in an artistic yet utilitarian Bauhaus sorta way. Grain bill is all Oktoberfest but with a Kolsch yeast

It was a Father’s Day brew that went extremely well.  I bought a new Blichman Hellfire Burner that worked wonderfully

It was a zen brew day.  Enjoyable, easy, relaxing, productive

15 gallon batch

Grain Bill-

  • 10# Pilsner
  • 9# Munich, DE
  • 6# Vienna, DE
  • 4# Wheat, DE

Hops- 7 oz Traditions pellet, same old pellets used in the Oktoberfest beer.

Yeast- White Labs Kolsch.

Brew Day-

  • Strike temp = 163F 10g
  • Mash temp= 150F 1 hour
  • Bump w/ 4g @ 180F to raise mash temp to 160F for 15′
  • 1 hour boil w/ 7 oz Traditions
  • 15′ left add Irish moss
  • Starting Gravity = 1.050

Sample tasted spot on.


After 1 week I racked beer for secondary and racked it again 2 weeks later. Gravity measured 1.008. ABV is 5.5%.  Sample tasted right, a little alcoholic, sweet from residual malts. I think it’ll age into a nice beer.

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