“Heroes” AIPA

My tribute to some of my heroes from both the music and the brewing world.  David Bowie who passed away last year and Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA. Brewed 10 gallons last year and wanted to up that to 20. Also used all pellet hops and a different type of yeast. Was really impressed with the Omega yeast I used for the Saison so I decided to use another Omega yeast. Specifically the Hothead Ale yeast which is a Norwegian yeast with a wide temperature range of 62 to 98 degrees. Had a good turnout and great weather to brew in. Everything went well with the brew day.

Heroes” American IPA 20 gallons 3/4/17

Brewers: Rob, Andy, Charles, Kevin and Tom.

Grain Bill

  • 27.5 lbs Simpson’s Golden Promise Pale Ale
  • 18.3 lbs Rahr Malting Standard 2-Row
  • 3.7 lbs white Wheat
  • 1.8 lbs Caramel/Crystal 60L (US)
  • 1.8 lbs Flaked Oats
  • 1.8 lbs Flaked Rice

Hops schedule 

  • 3.7 oz  Simcoe 60 min
  • 3.7 oz. Citra 15 min
  • 7.3 oz   Mosaic 5 min
  • 3.7 oz.  Citra 5 min
  • 3.7 oz.   Amarillo Flameout
  • 3.7 oz.   Mosaic Flameout
  • 3.7 oz.    Simcoe Dry hop 5-7 days in secondary
  • 3.7 oz.     Citra Dry hop 5-7 days in secondary


  • 6 Whirlfloc tablets 15 min
  • 6 tsp Fermat yeast nutrient 10 min
  • 4oz Grapefruit peel
  • 4oz  Tangerine peel


Stats Batch and Boil

  • 60 minute boil
  • 28 gallons collected

Mash Schedule

  • Strike grains with 18g @170
  • Mash in at 154 hold 60min
  • Mash out with 3gal@212
  • Sparge with 16g @170

Calculated/Actual stats

  • OG- 1.057/ 1.0.56
  • FG-1.011/
  • ABV-6.0%
  • IBU-64
  • SRM-6

Brew day notes 

Originally was looking to collect 24+ gallons and boil for 60 minutes ending with approximately 22 gallons to ferment.  Ended up collecting about 28 gallons and boiling about 15 minutes before adding hops and starting a 60 minute boil. Once boil was over we had approximately 24 gallons and started cold break. The stats changed as a result of larger volume. The original numbers were to be OG 1.069, FG 1.017,  IBU’s 64 ABV 6.8%. When I updated the stats in Brewtoad I came up OG 1.057, FG 1.011,  IBU’s 64 ABV6.0%. I can live with these numbers. BBE!

In hindsight I probably should have gone to a 90 minute boil and started the hop schedule 30 minutes in. Also the mash temp seemed to drop t 150 at mash out so it seems our efficiency dropped to approximately 70%. Well brew and learn. I will post more as I transfer to secondary and beyond. Cheers!


Pitched with a 5000ml starter of Omega Hot Head Ale Yeast which I started the Monday (2/27/17) before the brew day. Late Saturday night it started bubbling. Sunday morning it was a steady bubble until Monday night. Tuesday it slowed down considerably but was still going. Thursday night I checked gravity it had come down to 1.012 from 1.056 so I racked it into secondary and dry hopped it with Simcoe & Citra. I’m hoping it makes it down to at 1.010 which would give it a 6% ABV. The sample IMO tasted great was very aromatic with a nice bitter finish lots of pine and citrus. Will update this post again when done dry hopping. Cheers!

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