Biscuit Hefe – January 2017, 25g, Andy

Grain Bill

18.5# Munich

18# Wheat Malt

5# Flaked Wheat

4# Biscuit Malt


3oz Hallertau

2oz Spalt



Brew Day

Brewers – AD, CU, TV, RS, KP

30′ rest at 115F. Decoction 1 – heated to 155F, let sit for 20′, heated to boil and boiled for 15′. Added decoction to mash and let sit at 153F for 30′. Bumped with water to 160F and let sit for 30′. Bump to 165F with water to mash out – 10′.

60′ boil. Hops added at start of boil.

Collected 29g. 22.5 in fermenter.



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