Vienna Lager

The Vienna-

Last year I brewed a Munich Lager using primarily Munich malt. It turned out to be a winner. At the time I wanted to brew a Vienna Lager but didn’t have the Vienna malt to make it happen. This year, with the cold winter temps set to lager the old-school way, I made the Vienna, which should be a lighter, more delicate beer than the Munich.

20 gallons

Grain Bill-

  • 26# Vienna malt- DE
  • 3# Munich malt- DE
  • 3# Pilsner malt- DE
  • 3# Wheat malt- DE (no lagers ever seem to use wheat malt, but it seems like an appropriate addition to me in that it will add head retention and body to this beer)


  • 10 oz Hallertau- DE 2.5% alpha 60′


Water- STL County

  • 12g mash
  • 7g bump
  • 11g sparge

Calculated Stats-

  • OG = 1.050
  • FG = 1.012
  • ABV = 5%
  • Brewers = Dickie & Tom
  • Brew place = Farm
  • Brew date = 12/3/2016

Brew Schedule-

  • Strike temp = 160F
  • Mash In w/ 12 gallons at 148 F 20′
  • Decoction 1- Pull 1/4 mash and raise to 158F rest 20’
    • Bring to boil and boil 10
    • Add decoction back to main mash for a temp 158F rest 20′
  • Raise Temp to 160 F 20′ w/ bump water
  • Mash out 168 F 10′ w/ any remaining bump water
  • Sparge w/ 11 gallons
  • Collect 24 gallons
  • 90′ Boil
    • 60’ left add Hallertau hops
    • 15’ left add Irish moss

Dickie and I had a smooth brew day. We hit all our times and temps reasonably well and ended up with just under 20g in the fermenter.

OG = 1.050

The sample was spot on, sweet, malty, and a pretty light orange color. Pitched yeast Saturday night and had a slight bubble in the fermenter by Sunday, but I would have liked to see it kick off more vigorously. Added nearly two gallons of yeast starter.


I racked the beer 3 weeks after brewing. It sat under the porch at the farm at 45-50F. I warmed the room 10 degrees for a bit of a diacytel rest and then put it in secondary. Gravity was high still at 1.020 and the sample was not awesome, but continued aging should fix that. It will get another 4 weeks in secondary and then I’ll keg.


This beer turned out good. I’m very pleased. I think I would change the yeast on this next time. There’s a hint of lager skunk, almost Heineken like, that I’m not fond of, and I believe it’s coming from the Carlsberg yeast strain.

Microfest 2017 Scoring-

Vienna Scores

The beer scored well at Microgest 2017 with the major criticism apparently being the color of the beer needs to be a shade darker.

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