Rule, Britannia

Wanting to once again brew an ESB type beer, Charles modified the recipe for Redcoat to bring this beer well into the Strong Bitter range. This one will be served at this years Pacific Palisades Group of the Sierra Clubs Craft Beer Fundraiser and Home Brew Competition. Charles won this event 2 years ago with his first shot at an ESB. Rob won last year. Hopefully Andy, Rob or Charles will win this year for an All Grain Underground Three-peat.

Brew day photos

May 30, 2016

12 gallons, British Bitter/ Strong Bitter

Brewers – Charles assisted by Carmen and Bopp

Grain Bill

  • 18 lbs. – Maris Otter
  • 1lb. 8 oz – Special Roast
  • 1 lb. – Aromatic
  • 1 lb. – Biscuit
  • 1 lb. Crystal 80

Hop Bill

  • 7 oz. – East Kent Goldings pellet 4.5% – 60 mins.



  • Wyeast 1968 – Londen ESB Ale – started in 2 flasks of starter 2 nights before brew day.

8: 45 am

Mash in – 8 gal. at 163˚

Step Temp – 152˚ – Hold 60 mins. – actual mash temp = 148˚ (well crap).

30 mins. in, added .75 gal at 180˚ – mash temp = 150˚ (better)

9: 45 am

Mash out – 4 gal. at 205˚

Step temp – 168˚ – Hold for 10 mins. – actual mash temp = 172˚ (well crap)

9:55 am

Vorlauf – cleared fast

10: 05 am



Something wrong. Using pump to transfer sparge water but the water will not make it up to the tun. Pump is primed as there is water in hose on each side of pump and water is “throbbing”. Screw it, water getting too low in tun, transferred by hand.

Run off took too long. Collected 14 gallons.

11:00 am

Boil – add 7 oz. EKG pellets. Massive boil over. Probably lost about 1 ounce of hops.

Tossed in a handful of Tradition pellets. Probably should have let it be.

Sanitize pump and hoses.

11:50 am

2 tablets Irish Moss and immersion chiller.

Attach hoses to spigot, pump, and whirlpool tube.

Prime pump and turn on while still boiling to sanitize again.

12:00 pm

Flame off, pump on.

Not getting much of a whirlpool. Probably a combination of hops clogging the bazooka screen and wort not being able to rotate with big immersion chiller in pot. Very disappointing. Gotta work out a dip tube attachment on the inside and a proper whirlpool arm.

Screen clogged completely. Have to shut off pump.

Remaining chill down with just immersion chiller and stirring with big spoon.

Below 80˚. Removed chiller and continued to stir with spoon. Let hops settle.

Used pump to siphon wort to fermenter from the top as screen is still completely clogged.

Lots of hop sludge. Should have let it settle out a bit longer.

OG = 1.056

1 week in primary. 1 week in secondary. First time using new Chapman stainless steel fermenter.

FG = 1.012

ABV = 6%

June 21. This beer is fantastic. Color, aroma, flavor. Could not ask for anything better.




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