Mosaic SMaSH

Huck posting for Rob-

25 gallons of SMaSH Mosiac IPA

Grain Bill-

  • 50# Golden Promise- UK

Hop Bill-

  • 6 oz Mosiac 60′
  • 6 oz Mosiac 15′
  • 4 oz Mosiac Dry Hopped 5 days


  • Wyeast 1056 American Ale


  • 2 teaspoon yeast nutrient 10′ boil
  • 5 Whirlfloc tablet 15′ boil


  • OG = 1.056
  • FG = 1.014
  • IBU = 66
  • SRM = 5
  • ABV = 5.5%


Brew day April 9, 2016

Mashed in @11am with 18 gal of water @175 mash temp hit 156 held for 60 min mashed out at Noon with 2 gal water@212 this had little effect on temp. Vorlauf for 15+ minutes wort cleared up fairly guickly but still had large particles in it. Once we finally got the particles out we ran off 30 gallons into the kettle. Sparged with 20 gallons of water @ 175 Original recipe was for 25@ boil but we were still pulling good wort (.030 refractomenter reading) so went to 30 gal.While running off had some problems maintaining flow from tun. Constantly had to monitor this as it would slow down and need adjusting. At one point grain bed became exposed and we needed to shut off flow out of tun and replenish water in tun. Had trouble with burners maintaining boil switched from banjo to smaller burner didn’t have quite the boil I wanted until I put lid on kettle. Added Irish moss 5 tablets @15 min and yeast nutrient 2 tbs@10 minutes. Did not add chiller until boil was over kept it in starsan solution. Used recirculation on chiller pumped wort out off kettle thru recirculating arm of chiller. This helped but still took time to reach temp wanted to pitch yeast. Stopped chilling at approx 72 put kettle on dolly to wheel into basement to transfer to fermenter. Pumped out of kettle to fermenter. Found out the once screen in kettle got clogged we needed to turn off pump to let wort inline flow back into kettle clearing screen. Ended up with 25+ gallons in fermenter. Pitched with 2 flasks & 2 growlers of 1056 yeast. Fermenter was starting to bubble that night strong bubble the next morning. Sample tasted great nice color nice bitter finish great Mosaic hop aroma. I think this will be a great beer. Will add pepper to at least one keg. Also I need to note I forgot to add 3oz of Mosaic at flameout but I’m not sure how much of a difference this will make it remains to be seen. Will also dry hop in secondary with 4oz of Mosaic. I have high hopes for this beer. OG was 1.057 almost dead on.

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