Monkey Princess Wheat King

March 5, 2016

20 gallons Saison

Brewers- Rob S. (Brewmaster), Tom V., Charles U. Alan B.

Grain Bill-

  • 35# Pale 2 Row CA
  • 5# White wheat US
  • 4# 60L Crystal
  • 1# 20L Crystal

Hop Bil-

  • 3 oz Magnum 60′
  • 2 oz Crystal 60′

Yeast- Wyeast 3724 Belgian Saison

Brew Day-

  • 9:45 AM Mash-in 156F w/ 15 g liquor, hold 1 hour
  • 10:45 AM Mash-out 160F with last 1.5g boiling liquor
  • 11:00 AM Run off
  • 11:10 Sparge w/ 18g
  • 11:55 Finish lauter 26g in kettle
    • Tail gravity = 1.022, still leaving sugar behind
  • 12:32 Boil and add hops, 1 hour


Notes from Rob-

Hey everyone thanks for the help on another successful Brew day. It’s already bubbling away probably started around 10. We used just the chiller to get it down to pitching temperature and transferred with the pump, which worked quite well.
I’m calling the OG 1.052 which came in low. It should have been 1.056 according to Brewtoad. The color was really right where I wanted it and the sample tasted pretty good as well. Volume is 22+ gallons. Going to be the BEST BEER EVER!


Notes from Charles-

Fun efficient brew day. This beer should be renamed Cat Puke Saison.
The pump was cool.
Here is the story…
Just as it was time to carry the pot to the far side of the house to transfer through a window, the neighbor on that side decided to fire up her leaf blower. Obviously we did not want to bring the pot over there with all that dust stirred up in the air.
I had an idea. Told Rob to go get his pump. I needed to see what size fittings we need to get anyway and thought maybe the ones on the therminator were the same size. Well they are. We took them off the therminator and put them on the pump. Ran sanitizer through my pots spigot, into the pump, and back into the pot for a few minutes. We used the valve on the spigot to control flow amount. We were ready for the transfer.
We carried the pot into the basement via the garage. My back was thankful for the shorter distance. Set up the pump and let her fly. We got a bit of sludge right away as we did not let the gunk settle before transferring but it cleared up. Also got gunk at the end. Will have to try the whirlpool via the pump next time. I would say this first test of a pump was a success. I will find some fittings to keep on the pump. The therminator fittings are back in place with fresh Teflon tape.



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