Power of the Schwar(t)z(bier) – 20G

Grain Bill-

42 # Munich Light (DE)

2.1# Carafa II (DE)


6oz Spalt (90 min)

2oz Hallertau(30 min)


German Lager Yeast


13g mash

5g bump to mash out temp, if needed

13g sparge


Strike Temp – 161F

Mash in @ 148F  (90 min total)

@75′ do single decoction w/ 33% of grain clumps and add carafa II

Mash out @ 168F w/ 5g boiling (or whatever is needed, will likely not need all this)


Collect 23g

90′ Spalt

30′ Hallertau

Brew Day –

Mashed in at 148F with about 13g.  At 15′ added carafa II and ~30% of the thickest mash to the pot.  Added about 1.5g.  Boiled decoction for about 5 minutes. Mashed out at 165 and added about 5g to get there.

OG – 1.060

Collected 24g

Yeast prep – first went into a 1g growler. Then split into another growler.  Then added more DME to both.  Then put have of each growler into carboy and added a liter of dme to each.  Noted on brew day that the carboy yeast appeared infected and therefore did not use.

Fermented at 51F. Had to ratchet strap the fridge shut as it wouldn’t close.

Next day noted vigorous activity in the fermenter.

Brewers in attendance – Andy, Mike Currier, Charlie, Kyle, Rob, Alan, Kyle, Tom, Kevin

Lagered for 1 month at 50F.  Allowed to warm up overnight to 60F and transferred to secondary.  Lagered 50F – 40F over 10 days, then stayed at 40F for 3 weeks.

Bottled / transferred to kegs on 3/27.  Added 3.5 oz corn sugar to 4g (bottled amount). Kegs will stay in fridge at 45F.  Bottles will go to cellar temp (~62F). FG = 1.022.

Tasted good but still had bitter hop flavor. 5.0% ABV


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