Irish Red Rye 2016

20 gallons

Grain Bill– (34.5#)

  • 28# Maris Otter
  • 4# Rye
  • 2# 60L crystal
  • .5# roasted

Hop Bill– 6 oz EKG 60’

YeastWyeast Irish Ale 1084

Brew Plan

  • Strike- 165F 11-12 gallons
  • Mash in 152F 2 hours
  • Bump- 180+F 6-7 gallons
  • Lauter w/ 8-9 gallons 180F
  • Collect 23g in boil kettle
  • At boil add hops and boil 1 hour
  • 15’ left in boil add Irish Moss and heat exchanger
  • Cool to 60-65F and pitch yeast starters

Calculated Stats

  • Starting Gravity = 1.050
  • Final Gravity = 1.013
  • ABV = 5%

Brewers– Tom V, Kyle L, Dry Hop Rob S, Andy D, Charles U, Dickie S, Alan B, Kenny B, Jimmy G

Charles’ Brew Day Pics are Here

Brew day– January 30, 2016

  • Strike temp was 161F
  • Mashed in at 10:09 AM at 147F (on the cool side)
  • Bumped to 153F @ 10:49
  • Bumped to 159F at Noon
  • No mash out
  • Begin vorlauf at 12:13 PM
  • 12:19 Run off (stuck mash? rye? No goose neck at mash in?)
  • 12:28 Sparge
  • 1:10 Collect 25+ g
  • 2:00 Begin boil
  • 2:30 6 oz EKG
  • 3:15 Cooling coil & Irish moss
  • 3:30 Flame out
  • Collect 22 gallons in fermenter
  • OG = 1.048 (on the low side, but extra volume)


  • Strong bubble by the following morning
  • 3 days later primary is over
  • Racked to secondary 10 days after brewing
    • Gravity = 1.010
    • ABV = 5%
    • Sample is good, on the dry side, no off flavors, great color. My only issue is that it’s a little thin on body. Otherwise a very good, malty, clean and very likely an excellent session beer.


Kegged 15 gallons and bottled the remaining 5 on March 13.

Irish Red Hot Rye

I coarsely chopped 1/2 ounce of dried red chili peppers and put them into a muslin bag and let it rest for 5 days in the keg. The sample was hot, but not overpowering. I only tried a wee dram and I thought if I tried to drink a pint, I would be in trouble. I think the heat will mellow but will be appropriately spicy for the Crawfish Boil. I will give another 5 gallon keg the same treatment.


The final beer is another good one. It’s not brilliant. It’s not better than every other Irish Red that I’ve had, but it’s as good.





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