Bailey’s Witbier – 1/16/16


12.25# Pilsen Malt (Dingemanns organic)

11.25# Flaked Wheat

2# Flaked Oats

0.625# Munich Malt (cargill)


1oz Coriander (crushed whole seeds)

3.75oz Citrus Zest (Clementines)

.075oz chamomile flowers (pure chamomile tea)


4oz German Hallertau (2.7A per oz)


3944 Wyeast (Belgian Wit)


9g mash

6g bump

10g sparge

STRIKE Temp = 172f

Mash in 154f (0′-30′)

Step 1 159f (30′ to 55′)

Step 2 164f (55′ to 80′)

Mash Out (80′ to 90′)

Collect 15-16g wort

BOIL – 90′

60′ hops

5′ spices

OG (calc) = 1.056       ABU est. = 5.4%

FG (calc) = 1.015       IBU = 14


Came in at 155 for mash in w/ 7g.

Bumped to 159 w/2g

Bumped to 165 w/2g

Bumped to 166 for mashout w/1.5g (mash tun full)

Thought I had a stuck mash and panicked.  Turns out it was just the hoses.  Vorlaufed for maybe 3 minutes… hazy but no chunks but for the first minute.

Sparged w/11 gallons.  Left about 1-1.5 in the mash tun.  Collected 16.25g

Only change to boil schedule was added 5 minutes or so… was a little low on gravity.  Ended at 1.050.

Cooled with the chiller to about 80f and then used a paint mixer / drill to get a whirlpool going (and to oxygenate).  WORKED GREAT! All trub in middle and basically got all liquid out of the kettle.


Ended up with about 14g in the fermenter. I had it drop down about 3′ to oxygenate more.

Yeast has sour fart odor. Almost put me down.

Noticed activity in the fermenter later that evening.


Brewers – Andy Day, Mike Currier

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